Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's All About the Little Things

Last night my handsome husband called me from his rehearsal (oh yes he is an actor as well) to tell me they were done early and would I like to go see a movie. So off we went. When we walked in there was of course a grave question to be answered. To partake in some movie theater popcorn or not to partake? I had already eaten dinner when he called, and really had no calories to spare (plus the movie started not so long after 9pm-and I would like to keep the no eats after 9pm rule going for the most part). I wished hard that I was actually hungry, but alas, I really wasn't. I just ached for some popcorn (seriously it's one of my top five favorite foods). Had I made it my dinner, maybe it would have been okay-ish (we did walk there and back for a two mile total), but I knew in my tryin-to-get-fit heart that there was no room for the empty calories. So I stayed strong!! I thought of cyberland and how I would need to publicly out myself (so thank you out there). I thought of myself and how I owed it to me to make good choices. Triumph! It will forever amaze me how hard it is to avoid small temptations like that (especially when I am not even hungry!) but that stuff adds up (on your arse)! Of course, if I know further in advance that a trip to the movies is in order, then I can prepare for the savory cinema delight with a work out and food management, but in the case of the last minute movie-I did well, and I feel proud.
Let me share with you some of my favorite tricks of the low cal trade:

1) Meet the Back to Basics MICROWAVE Air Popper. Oh yes, no weird 1982 air popping contraption taking up space (although-ah memories)! This helps me have my corn and eat it too without all of the chemicals, calories, and fattiness of regular popcorn AND you just put it in the microwave. I suggest cracking fresh black pepper over it or sprinkling in some creole seasoning. Shazaam! (Thanks for the image focuselectrics.com!)

2) Cinnamon smackables like Altoids Chewing Gum. Aspartame haters, you will be pleased to know that this gum contains xylitol instead. It stays true to the brand's "Curiously Strong" slogan, so it's not for the weak of mouth, but I am from swampy Cajun East Texas, and I savor spice and heat! It definitely helps me combat that need for a dessert or afternoon sweet! (Thanks for image shopzilla.com!)

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