Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Thanks imaginecache5

So...Monday night I had an audition. Yay! As I have mentioned the audition pool has been rather dry and things are starting to pick back up and cast again. This particular audition was a two hour group audition. Luckily it was very movement based so I was able to be active. This is good because it lasted from 6:30pm-8:30pm and took me an hour to get home via public transit so I didn't roll in until 9:30pm. Shower/dinner/sleep or exercise? Ummm..no brainer.

Tonight I was called back for the same show. Yay again! This time for a 3 hour group audition. Again....shower/dinner/a bit of net time/sleep or exercise? Ummm...IT'S LATE, I'M TIRED! Again, tons of movement tonight (and I'm not kidding-the ol' heart rate was definitely up.)

So, I am now down to four days to complete my burn goal. Feasible, but it could have been easier with my Monday and Tuesday. What about Sunday you ask? Sunday I ate way too little food and drank way too many lemonadesy sweet drinks that surely had an unimaginable amount calories to them. I am still kicking myself-which is totally not what a Naturally Thin person does, they forgive and move on. I am struggling with that, but working to let it go, especially because the girlfriend time involved was so very needed and healing.

But I digress. I always say that I have two jobs. I am an actor and I am an admin. When I am in rehearsals and working all day it can be brutal. I have had the realization that taking on exercising as part of your daily/weekly routine is seriously like having a part time job. Even if you decide to squeeze in a 20 minute cardio dvd or go for a fast jog or walk, it's not just 20 minutes of time. You must change clothes, do your work out, shower or clean up, dress again and then resume life. Somehow 20 minutes can become an hour. In these first eight weeks of my journey I have not been involved in a show and only working my day job. I will make it work this week since I am only booked up for two days after work this week, but holy heck-what will I do when I begin work on a production again? How will I balance three jobs??!! Sounds totally unmanageable and exhausting! On the flip side I really hope that I get the challenging opportunity to explore this, because my little actor soul needs some artful nourishment somethin' awful!


  1. You totally needed the fun on Sunday..and I am having much more success literally writing (like with a pen) my day out before I go to bed. The exercise is coming back into my life. I've even done some 20min DVDs at 9PM :)