Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Whatcha Eatin'?

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I write a lot about what I am NOT eating or what I am NOT indulging in, but let’s talk about what I AM eating shall we?

These foods appear in my week most every week:

Liquid Egg Whites
Today’s Temptations Low Carb Bread (I am pretty certain this is only found in Chicagoland.)
Natural Peanut Butter
Olive Oil (sprayed from The Misto)
Quorn Brand Turk’y Roast (this is fake meat made from mushroom, not soy and it tastes so real- you can get it at Whole Foods but my local grocery store carries it.)
2% Shredded Cheese
Vegetable Juice
Frozen Veggies
Spicy Mustard
Parmesan Cheese
Tony Cashere’s Creole Seasing

These foods make several appearances, but less frequently because sometimes I can’t make it to my fave cheap produce store or any number of life reasons:

Yellow Squash
Tomato Sauce

What do I make with these foods?

First, to be fair, I am almost always cooking just for myself. My husband is a carnivore (as in he would love to walk up to a live cow and bite it) and I am a Pescatarian (a vegetarian whose diet includes fish –Merriam Webster has dubbed it an actual word now!) So, we eat very differently and thus cook side by side more than for each other (and we are okay with that).

A few things I eat frequently:

Scrambled Eggs: I typically start my day with one egg scrambled with liquid egg whites. Starting your day with protein is a good thing. Sometimes I sprinkle a bit of Parmesan cheese on top. Please treat yourself to basil in your eggs. You will not be sorry. Sometimes I make a piece of lo-carb bread toast to go with it or I’ll also have…

Apples and Peanut Butter: I love this combo. It is healthy and ridiculously delicious. Fruit and Protein are friends and work well together. I am learning this through my nutrition studies.

Veggie/Turk’y Bowls: I load a bowl full of veggies (frozen or fresh) and toss in my Turk’y Roast and a little bit of cheese to bind. I go heavy on herbs and figure friendly seasoning and definitely turmeric for liver health. They are so delicious! When I am feeling rich and have placed an order for a case of the best diet trick ever-Shiritaki Noodles -I will mix those in as well. I buy them here: http://stores.pkuperspectives.com/Detail.bok?no=57 They are less than $2 a pack which really isn’t bad.

Sandwiches: I could do an entire post on how I am turning into Joey Tribbiani (has it really been FIVE years since Friends ended??) I have been obsessed with sandwiches for the past two weeks. Maybe it’s my aggressive craving for tomatoes and summery delights. I have been building the most gorgeous and delectable sandwiches lately.

The Bikini By Sandwich
*Toasted Today’s Temptations Lo-Carb Bread (and just 45 calories a slice!)
(I swear it’s not gelatinous and styrofoamy like other lo-carb breads)
Three Pepper Hummus or Avocado (best creamy mayo substitutes for me)
Turk’y Roast or Smart Deli Lunch Meat
2% Sharp Cheddar Cheese Slice
Spicy Mustard
A Dash of Tony’s
Tomato slices
Bell Pepper (I like Yellow and Red)

Yep, this ain’t no leaves-ya-hungry sandwich. It’s a biggin’ and your belly will be full after eating it.

*This is not standard square shaped bread, the slices are wider, thus how so much can be packed into one sandwich.

These three current staples of mine may not be your cup of tea or sound anywhere near tantalizing, but they make my taste buds sing!

Maybe if you are lucky I will one day share my recipe for no noodle eggplant lasagna!

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