Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dance Kick Dance Kick

This week's workouts will go like this:

Monday: Zumba
Tuesday off: They switched up class schedules AGAIN and Barre Burn was too brutal for my arm injuries
Wednesday: Turbo Kick (haven't done this one exactly before, but seems similar to Kwando)
Thursday: WERQ (hip hop)
Friday: Kwando Kickboxing

At the fitness place I've been going to there is online sign up for classes that helps them determine what room to put the class in (there is a large, medium and small room). Yesterday, apparently half the Zumba class didn't show up on time so we got moved to the small room...then more showed late. It was cramped. Lame. When you have long arms and legs kicking and big arm movements is not possible in a tiny room.

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Way Eye See It

I write about being healthy and trying to be the best me I can be inside and out. Yes, a lifelong battle with weight and food is tough, but manageable. Imagine not being able to rely on one of your most valued physical needs, your eyes. My bestiekins, The Broke-Ass Bride, has been living with an auto immune disease in her eyes for over nine years. From implants to glaucoma to steroid drops to needles in her eyeballs, she's been through it all. Sadly, she will soon have to go through her 12th eye surgery. Between old school loans, expensive treatments and general tough times with finances, the bills keep racking up with no end in sight. Not feeling comfortable with a traditional fundraiser, but in need of help, Dana and her husband Hunter have created Dishing For Dana, an online recipe share project that will help raise funds to bring down her pile of medical debt as well as raise money for the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association.

Read all about it here.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Happy April. I can't believe it. Time flies.

My birthday is one month from last Sunday.

The weekend brought on some harsh realizations and tough stuff. All three of my very promising auditions fell through. With having inside connections for two of them and the other just feeling outstanding, I am shocked. I got a very nice personal email from one of the places (personal emails are rare-they typically form "thanksbut no thanks" emails). There are so many factors that weigh in on casting decisions from height to age to union vs. non union. I always thought I would outlast everyone and finally make it, but my stamina is starting to truly waver for the first time. One day at a time, one step at a time.

Thank God for my fitness classes. Friday's Kwando Kickboxing class was my sweatiest most intense yet. I pounded out my frustrations and air-punched several nameless people in the face. I was spent. I looked like I had been in a Bikram class. Monday I tried Tabata Boxing which is a similar Taebo-style class, but the moves are done in fast repetitive circuits (tabatas). Round house kicks are my favorite. I just really enjoy kicking, and bonus, it's great for saddle bags! I love air-round house kicking wrong-doers in their bellies. I'm such a lady. This is how you do one:
Tuesday night I went to a new class, Barre Burn. This was ballerina/bar, pilates/yoga mix of a class all about toning up. There were many planks in the beginning with really irritate my crazy arm injuries.I know I just need to get my behind back to accupuncture. It's a phone call and a nice walk away, I don't know why I am procrastinating. I know it would help calm my racing mind and all of my anxiety as well.

Wednesday was my day off of exercise, but I still really wanted to move. So, I took a nice mile long walk to one of my favorite thrift stores to look around and get some inspiration. Do you all read New Dress A Day? Marissa is brilliant and inspires me to bust out the sewing machine I got for Christmas but haven't devoted a weekend to playing with. Two miles total. The walk felt good. Dare I say my body craves movement now?

Oh hey, let's make soup!

Like I mentioned last week I've come upon several sales on fresh brocoli lately. There was so much leftover stalk-age (or nubbins) that I decided I would start making soup from it. I've done this a couple of times. I call it Nubbin Soup.
I chop up the nubbins (approx 2 cups) and steamed them until they were soft.
Then I added one cup of florets to my second steamer tower and steamed everything for seven more minutes.
I cooked up one cup of chopped onions and six grated cloves of garlic with just a kiss of olive oil.

Then I let everyone get friendly in the pot for five minutes.
Then I added in four cups of vegetable broth, one additional cup of water and blended away with my trusty Cuisinart immersion blender. Her name is "Cusi Jefferson". Move it on up, girl!
I like to swirl in some shredded Daiya Cheese in my bowl before eating it and/or add in some cooked brown rice. Either way it's mega comforting and DELISH!

Go forth and get yo' Nubbin on!
What "use it all up" creations have you made lately?