Sunday, May 31, 2009

Where I Get Real

Friday I was sent to a specialist who was supposed to do a test on me to figure out why my neck sprain wasn't healing and if there was an inflammation that went undetected in my MRI (which showed nothing). Long story short the specialist spent a few minutes with me and said, "Of course the MRI of your neck was clean, there is nothing wrong with your neck. Your rotator cuff is strained." I felt my cortisol levels rise with stress. "You mean I've been being treated for the wrong thing for a month and a half?" I said. She confirmed the worst. Now I must go back to physical therapy to heal my actual injury and help me regain strength. I am under doc's orders not to lift anything over 10lbs (thank goodness my angelic dog child only weighs in at 8.5lbs!) I am very frustrated with all of this and just want to stop hurting. It has really taken a toll on me physically (I look so drained) and of course emotionally (I just want to curl into a ball on the sofa). That mixed with being busy, some personal issues, and being in the driest spell ever of my acting career has made it tough to really kick into gear. On the other hand in a lot of ways my new vows to enter fit-dom have been helpful when I've mustered the energy to be active. Friday I was feeling particularly frustrated after my doc visit, so I went home and went on a run. It felt great to focus that negative energy into something good for me.

Wednesday marks the official One Month Down point. I was always a gold star kind of student in school and excelled with projects and assignments, so I am kind of embarrassed to not do as well as I had hoped this month. However, this would not be an honest blog about the road to fitness if I didn't properly address my struggles, because no matter where anyone is with whatever their personal challenge is, everyone struggles. I found myself so frustrated when I couldn't/wouldn't/didn't meet my goals that I lost sight of all the days I did exercise, won a battle against temptation, or had a positive day (and there were several!) So my goal for week five is to: Do the Best I Can. If I can end my day by being able to say that I am confident that I did the best I could that day, then my goal shall be met.

I leave you with one of my favorite ways to cut calories while getting a dose of healthy good-for-you fat, the Misto Olive Oil Sprayer. My hubby and I go through so much less olive oil this way and don't lose any of the delicious taste. Spraying your olive oil covers more surface area with a smaller amount of oil. Brilliant.

Are you having frustrations on your fitness journey?

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  1. I am excited to start using our Misto - what a great way to save on all those lame PAM cans over time!