Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekly Round Up

How'd I do this week?

I let my busy couple of evenings keep me from my goal of burning 1900 calories via exercise. However, I did get workouts in three days this week totalling 1100.

Thurs 500
Friday 300
Saturday 300

I learned a good lesson about planning better during busy weeks and worked out three times, so that is very positive.

This week I have a short class on Monday and possibly (fingers crossed) a call back for a play on Tuesday or Wednesday so I know I need to make time for workouts and not use my busy schedule as an excuse!

My workouts have been on my elliptical mostly, but I need some variety. Thus, my goal for this week will be to continue to keep exercising and being mindful of what I eat, while trying to do one workout that is not on my elliptical. Workouts are most affective when there is variety (or so I hear.)


  1. quick question! how long do you generally work on your elliptical workouts for? I usually only burn about 220 calories per average 20-minute session.

  2. Hi Rachel:
    I typically do 30-40 minutes on the elliptical. Lately I turn the resistance up a lot higher so the calorie burn is even more.