Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shower Me Balanced!

Friday night and today were filled with temptations.

Last night my husband opened a play and there was of course an opening night party with snackables and cocktails. I did well. Other than a tiny cup of popcorn given out at the top of the show I had no snacks, I made friends with Diet Cherry 7-Up (a fab mixer) and kept my consumption at a minimum. (I also did some pretty rad Michael Jackson dancing to honor our fallen King of Pop if you wanna know.)

Today was a day of celebration. First, our sweet friends are the proud expectant parents of their second baby, so there was a little brunchy shower for them today. I sampled some chips (hello they had a Dorito Bar of all the flavors of Doritos-unreal) and some of a cupcake, but I chose to fill my plate with delicious spinach salad and scrambled eggs. I enjoyed some mimosas, but definitely didn't overdo it. After that, we headed over to a couples shower to celebrate two friends who are tying the knot soon. Tempting snackables were there as well. I did good! A little plate of chips and dip, one beer, and no brownies. Did I want more of everything I ate today? Heck yes. Did I taste everything I wanted to while not overdoing it and feeling gross and failure-y right now? Heck yes. BALANCE! I didn't destroy my day calorie wise, I had a nice time, and don't feel deprived. Love it.

On the agenda for this evening is enjoying a healthy dinner while preparing for an audition(because even though I only sampled the high calorie yummies, my body is asking me to please give it some nice clean food.) That's something else I am learning- if I really pay attention to what my body is telling me, it longs for fresh healthy food, and I feel so good after eating it.

Have you had any major temptations this weekend?


  1. kudos to you for getting fit by 30; I am more than twice your age and haven't been fit since I was 30! I'm working on it now. I just retired and have lost 35 pounds over the last year, but have many pounds to go. You're smart to do it's much more difficult when you get older. Good luck!

  2. @ Eva: Thank you for reading and motivating me!!! Big congrats on your weight loss so far! We'll both be in tip top shape yet!