Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekends Can Be Dangerous Things

This weekend presented plenty of food challenges, and I did a pretty darn good job of practicing balance and keeping myself in line despite lots of work stress over the week, my time of the month, etc.

Fridays in the summer time my company works through the noon hour and leaves at 1pm. This is good and bad. Good because, hello, early release! Bad because it is sooo hectic trying to condense everything into 5 hours instead of 7 or 8, and when I should be having a mini meal/decent snack to tide me over until 2-3 when I finally get home, I am too busy. This is super bad and I often become an incoherent mess by the time I finally get food. (I have been tested for hypoglycemia and diabetes, but the doc swears I don’t have either. I am working on making it a habit to pack a mini meal for Fridays.) Anyway, when my incoherent self and my hubby finally arrived to a place to get lunch, I could have eaten the table I was so hungry, but instead of the gooey grilled cheese sandwich or quesadillas that were calling to me I stayed in check and chose a huge salad (dressing on the side of course). It was a southwestern style salad with romaine, a little bit of corn and black bean action, and the most savory portabello mushroom slices that had been tossed in taco seasoning-soooo delicious and genius-why didn’t I think of that?! I can’t wait to make my own seasoned 'bellas at home. I will admit that I indulged in a few of my husband’s tater tots, but keeping balance and Bethenny’s book in mind, I knew that this was how a naturally thin person eats.

We went to see a movie and I had time to prepare my food plan in advance and have a walk so I could have some popcorn. I stopped eating when it stopped being the most delicious thing ever (something Bethenny advises to do.) Calories saved-balance practiced. Woo hoo!

We didn’t plan out dinner well so we ended up eating way too late and I ate some completely unnecessary chips and guac that I didn’t even enjoy that much (that's the killer part). Hey, I’m not perfect.

So Friday was challenging and more high calorie than I would like. Am I a big fat failure? No. I just didn’t have an A+ day.

Saturday had its temptations, but I prevailed. The fella and I went to a street festival (Rib Fest, for those in the Chicago-know.) I don’t eat meat (except for fish) so this wasn’t that big of a deal. I avoided the delicious looking ice cream cones and drinks served in pineapples with whipped cream on top and enjoyed a delicious piece of corn on the cob (hold the butter) and some salad. We had two friend functions to attend after that so beer appeared in my evening, but I kept my consumption to one per party and had a snack of almonds and a cheese stick in between.

Sunday I was dying for sweets, so after contemplation and trying to talk myself down from the craving and distract myself (as per the gospel of Bethenny that says if you still want it after thought and distraction, then you actually do want the treat) I busted out a pumpkin bake mix that I had on hand (you must hit up your Trader Joe’s in the fall and try one) and made some pumpkin muffins. I ate one and stopped there. I will most likely bring the rest to work tomorrow to rid myself of them and their temptation. I didn’t even think of eating one for breakfast, so I know that my itch has been properly scratched. (But I don’t want to push it by having them around!)

So, food-wise it was a challenging weekend, but there will always be weekend temptations to fight, so I have to learn to live in balance and harmony with them. For week Seven I shall focus on burning 3500 calories (a pound's worth of cals) through exercise. Why? Why not?

Did you have any big food temptations over the weekend?


  1. I love reading your blog, even if I'm a ninny and don't always respond.

    I need to read this book now! It's kind of what I started this week without realizing it, and now I need to read for inspiration.

    17 days ago I cut nasty diet coke (my one love),with it's artificial sweeteners, completely out of my life. I went into detox. literally. Bad. (really interesting article:

    Now I feel SO much better. Less moody, more energy, less hungry. And last week I was thinking that if I of all people can quit my 8 diet coke a day habit that I can do anything. Literally I feel like I can do anything -- so why not lose the 40 pounds I so desperately need to.

    So, I'm only 5 days in -- running about 35 minutes outside every morning. Watching my calories (there is this amazing iphone app called Lose It -- which is commmon sense but makes calorie & exercise tracking fun, easy, and convienent). We went to Disneyland and I partook in an ice cream cone and pizza, within my calories for the day. I've still already lost 2 lbs and my week isn't over. (forcing myself to weight at least once a week for accountability)

    I've had such a hard time in the past losing weight, that there were thyroid tests, etc. So to lose 2 lbs in a few days without doing something creepy like Atkinsis a real accomplishment for me. It's not water weight because I ditched diet coke 17 days ago. So, either the lack of diet coke has sped up my metabolism or maybe my can-do attitude has tricked my body.

    The point. Your blog rocks. I find it inspiring. And I agree that you shouldn't go too crazy and not enjoy things here or there. I get worried, because sometimes it seem in your blog that eating healthy is the ONLY thing you're thinking about it. And your body may not respond. Love you! Can't wait to read ze book!

  2. What I meant was -- in the past where I obsess about every single thing I eat and do or don't do, I don't lose weight. It's like it stressed me out. And the few times I've lost a tremendous amount of weight (Milwaukee), I wasn't even really trying. It was like an afterthought, not my primary mission. I wasn't saying that you won't lose weight. Because you will. Yee-haw.

  3. Wow, good for you! That's impressive, girl! I NEEEEEEED that book. I'll go get it today.
    Wanna know why? Cuz Sunday, I ate:
    Fried French Toast. 1/2 a breadbowl with brocolli cheese soup. a 3-cheese croque monsieur (yes more french toast). french fries. a doughnut. fish n chips. mozerella sticks.
    God help me.

  4. Dana, that is what Disneyland doesssss. We're about to buy season passes. Because we love it. We're going again with Jason's parents on Friday. That makes 3 times in 30 days. Because we're 8.

  5. you girls are all way more disciplined than me. well, dana - that was a doozie of a day - but just mayhaps you are enjoying after some serious smackdown there for a while. It's OK.