Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gussied Up

I've freshened up my blog courtesy of Lily Bean Designs !

I feel all shiny and new!

I've been a sick lady this week, but I am determined not to let it get in my way!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Back to Basics

In an effort to combat my feelings of overwhelmingness (That’s not a word, but it is today), I am going back to basics and revisiting my early goal of simply moving everyday. I think maybe some of my struggle of late was coming from assigning myself too many tasks, so I think making a nod toward simplicity and just creating time to move some everyday will help ease some of the pressure.

A Tale of A Supportive Partner:
Friday I had some things to do after work and my husband told me he would have dinner waiting when I got home. He is so supportive of my efforts to eat better and made a very health conscious meal for us. Fresh broccoli soup (a little Gordon Ramsey inspired recipe basically consisting of freshly steamed broccoli and the water you steam it in, seasoned and blended together with a dollup of goat cheese, baked fish on top of a fresh corn puree, tomato/cucumber/shrimp ceviche salad, and fresh homemade whole wheat bread. So you see you can have a delightful and fancy dinner without over doing it. It felt so indulgent but was entirely not!

A Tale of Motivation:
Saturday morning I opened my inbox to see a lovely message from a friend on the east coast. She is on a similar get-fit journey and offered up some encouragement and inspiration from afar reminding me that exercise is in fact great medicine for job/life stress and is much more rewarding than a greasy or sugary bag of anything will ever be. Then, I got up off the sofa where I was catching up my DVRd shows from the week and watched from my elliptical. I even upped the resistance to a higher level than ever for the last 15 minutes of it. I was proud of how much strength I’ve gained to able to go up yet another notch. I was proud that I got up off of the sofa. I was proud that I didn’t create an excuse not to get in some exercise.

So, I want to pay it forward today and remind you all that we can do this! Even if we just take an extra walk around the block today or do a set of sits ups instead of eating some chips, we’ve made one more step toward healthier lives!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dressed to be Motivated

So………..As the months move quickly along my bikini bod goal has been feeling sort of COLOSSAL. My motivating audition was a bust (not even a call back-sigh), so I am pretty bummed about that. Enter my new mini goal, a goal within a goal if you will.

Whilst perusing a consignment shop display at a street fair with my visiting besties this weekend, I stumbled upon a charming vintage inspired dress (I think it comes from Anthropologie). The size was questionable and ambitious, but it looked possible, and it was so adorable that I threw caution to the wind and bought it. Friends, the fit was pretty darn snug. Snug as in it was successfully zipped once then I was afraid to push it lest I break the zipper. BUT it’s definitely an inspiration to work hard and make my way into it which feels very attainable and like much less of an overwhelming challenge than getting an athletic bikini body feels at the moment.

So I present my stepping stone goal: Dress By Opening.

My new show (that I started rehearsals for Monday night-yay) opens on November 13th. With the time frame ( 6-7 weeks) and the dress’ tweediness it makes for the perfect fall event to wear my goal dress to. It will also hit just after the six month mark (when I will post updated bikini pics). Here are some shots so we can compare later when it WILL fit!

The Before:

This dress is precious, no? It satiates some of the Mad Men costume lust I have been experiencing. Side note: If you haven’t, please watch Mad Men, you know, only if you enjoy crazy good “it’s all about what’s not being said” acting and writing that will blow you away.

I think it was good to see some pics like this in general because although I was sad (and admittedly embarrassed) that it didn't fit, I can see definition in my back that I haven't seen before, because, well, I can't see my back :) It also helped me form my goal for the week: Work on those lower abs/belly. Last night I did lots of leg lifts and really noticed how much strength I am gaining. I can get my legs just inches from the ground and shoot them back up now. I definitely could not do that a few months ago. So, there are many positives that have come from my too-tight purchase.

In other news, I am feeling a bit less scaly but not sure if I owe it to Fish Oil or one of the remedies that Dr. Mom has recently mailed me. Maybe a combo. My arm/neck/shoulder are still hurting after having to lift so many heavy crates during an office move two weeks ago. Hoping it gets better with rest so I don't have to go through the Physical Therapy regimen again. I have a massage scheduled for Friday so maybe that will give me some relief.

So there you have it. In a month and half I WILL sport my new dress at my show opening….and away we go!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Achy Breaky Me Or Ramblings of A Bleary BB30

I must make a confession: I did not work out last week. There I said it. It's out there. I ate fine and did ride my bike and was active, but I did not have an actual workout for seven days. BUT today, despite the difficulty, I got back on the proverbial horse and did an On Demand Bun and Thigh Yoga routine as well as my fave Lizbeth Garcia Pilates routine.

We were moved to different locations on our floor last week at my day job which involved packing a multitude of boxes and lots of lifting. Needless to say, my bum arm that was doing so well is very angry. I am achy from all of that as well as stress.

Another confession: I abhor not being in the writer's spirit and articulating myself better at the moment, but better to write a stream of consciousness to document my weary state than to write nothing at all.

Weary. This is the perfect word to describe me right now. Drained+exhausted+achy=weary.

Where is the energy exercise is supposed to bring me on this tiring day? Today it feels like a chore more than a treat.

A Third Confession: I am embarrassed to be so publicly negative. However, this is an important part of the journey: The part where I am not sure I can make it. The part where I need a break. We all go through it and I wouldn't be keeping an honest account of my journey if I didn't bear it all.

Which brings me to my goal for this week (which I used as my goal for last week as well): Keep Positive. I felt as though I was in need of mental challenge rather than a physical challenge. I am trying to stay positive throughout this grouchy, overworked, frazzled time. Instead of letting myself get too down and let negative BB30 seep in saying, "this is it, I can't go any further," I am telling myself that one day my slump will be over and focusing on remembering that I am merely in a personal rough patch and it WILL come to an end.

Have you hit a slump lately? What have you done to pull yourself out?

Friday, September 11, 2009


Very busy week. Lots of personal stress. Long days at work. I can definitely feel the missing endorphins from not getting in a lot of exercise in the past few days. I've missed my sculpting this week!

Here are some of the Exercise TV workouts I have been doing to help with sculpting:

One day last week I did the condensed 40 minute version of Jillian's Trouble Zones Workout. I didn't cheat and give up-there was actually a condensed choice! (But yes, there was still swearing.) I followed up with Tamilee "Abs of Steel" Webb's Best of Tamilee 15 Minute Ab workout. Then a quick focus on my stems with adorable Nicole Stewart's 10 minute Legs: Slimmer & Toner pilates workout.

Other faves have been Less is More Pilates with Lizbeth Garcia (I've done this one several times), Nicole Stewart's Pilates Abs, and 10 minute Buns and Thigh with Cindy Whitmarsh.

What are your favorite sculpting workouts?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

September Measurements

Pardon the delay in monthly results. I woke up unable to find my tape measure this morning which I now realize may have been a sign:

May 3rd Waist (at belly button): 33.5 inches
June 3rd Waist (at belly button): 33 inches
July 3rd Waist (at belly button): 32.5 inches
August 3rd Waist (at belly button): 31.75 inches
Sept 3rd Waist (at belly button): 31.5 inches
Down 1/4 an inch! Down 2 inches total!

May 3rd Hips: 39 inches
June 3rd Hips: 38 inches
July 3rd Hips: 38 inches
August 3rd Hips: 37.5 inches
Sept 3rd Hips: 37.5 inches
No Change. Down 1.5 inches total!

May 3rd Arm: 11.75 inches around
June 3rd Arm: 11.5 inches around
July 3rd Arm: 11.25 inches around
August 3rd Arm: 11 inches around
Sept 3rd Arm: 11 inches around
No Change. Down 3/4 inch total!

May 3rd Thigh: 23 inches around
June 3rd Thigh: 22.75 inches around
July 3rd Thigh: 22.5 inches around
August 3rd Thigh: 22 inches around
Sept 3rd Thigh: 22 inches around
No Change. Down 1 inch total!

I could blame my period. I could blame my overly lax weekend. I coould question everything I have eaten or even not eaten. Really though, I have only myself to blame. But I'm clinging to that quarter inch lost in my waist! No time to get down on myself. I just have to move on. Easier said than done, because in all honesty I'm a teary mess right now, but that won't help me. I'm in the last phase of getting off a life time of chub and it's just going to be really tough.