Thursday, June 11, 2009

Please Put This In Your Mouth

First, I proclaim myself a horrid poster for this week!!!!! I have been trying to stay offline at night to give my youchy arm/shoulder/neck some extra relief, so I have been low on the spare internet time.

Second, please do yourself a flavor favor and treat your meals to this:

Tony's is one of my favorite ways to perk up any meal. I throw it in veggies, on toast, in eggs, even veggie juice (or Bloody Marys). See what the label says? Great on everything. It's sooooo true!
Also, although I have no exciting pictorial, I also must sing the praises of Dannon Light'N Fit Yogurt's new Cantaloupe flavor. I know it sounds weird, but give it a lil' 80 calorie try!


  1. I found this creole delight at my local DOLLAR STORE and thought I'd died and went to creole heaven!

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