Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tape Measure vs. Scale

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After my One Month Mark post, I wanted to share my thoughts on using measurements vs. just weighing myself.

When I took my monthly measurements I didn't review my beginning stats so I could make sure I was super honest about where I was. It was such a fun surprise to see my results. The next day I actually did step on the scale. 3lbs down. Any weight loss is good at this point, but I was so glad I had measurements to gage my progress, because I know I would not have been as proud or given myself as much credit if I was just comparing weights. I tend to be hard on myself (and of course think way too much in black and white), so it was nice to discover a tool to help me, well, be more pro-me.

Do you prefer measurements to the scale? Have I made you want to try it?


  1. I'm doing ww and I've lost 20 pounds so far. I live by the scale. :)
    --Mrs. Strawberry

  2. Yay Stacie!!

    I usually get really discouraged if I use the scale & don't see a number I think I should see. Not the get discouraged and then work harder -- the get discouraged and then quit. Generally speaking, it is best for me not to weigh until about 3 weeks in or I'll prolly just quite. Because I'll be mad. Because I don't lose weight as fast as other people. Or at all.

    (& I've always loved tony chachere. Love it on some fish.)