Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Casualty of Getting Fit


One thing that is rather tragic about the road to a better bod is the unfortunate loss of my two special gals. My chest is getting so flat y'all! I am not and have never been blessed in the mammary department, but c'mon Mother Nature, must I lose the cup-age I do have?! I notice this mostly in strapless bras which the need for lately in my life is high due to summer and the wider 80s necklines in today's fashion. Why oh why must our biddies be the first to go? Hey mass loss is mass long. At least now I have an excuse to buy myself pretty new under things.

In other news, I am chipping away at my goal for the week. I have come to realize that burning 3500 cals through exercise in one week is really ambitious, and I may not be able to reach it since I was sans exercise on Sunday and Monday.BUT I have been a good exerciser Tuesday, Wednesday and today, averaging at least 500 a day, so I am doing well and the challenge has been motivating if anything.

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  1. My biddies don't get bigger or smaller when I gain/lose - they just get wider and then narrower :) Small taut burbies are always sexier than hounddog ear ones though! :P