Monday, June 29, 2009

Temptation Monday

My day thus far has been front loaded with temptations.

As much as I speak up about not putting food near my work space, my co-workers have continued to target the area directly by my desk as the hub for food sharing.

Look what was here this morning when I walked in:

Chocolate Chip cookies are one of my favorite dessert items! I don't know if you can tell from this picture, but they looked really delicious and just the right doughy texture. So, I put my bag down, confiscated the cookies and took them to the nearest kitchen where they could still be shared by all, but out of my sight and mind.

Three hours later, there was a celebration for some expectant work mothers where this was served:

Offices are just not figure friendly.

What is interesting and exciting is that I really don't feel sad or deprived by not indulging in these treats. If I absolutely really wanted some of either, I think I would have tried a bite or two, but when I thought about it, I wasn't all that interested. Victory! It is so nice not to feel like I had no choice but to eat the treat. In the past (and still occasionally now) I have felt like I almost had no choice. The treat was there and I simply had to eat it-like I was hypnotized or something. Do you ever feel that way, like the food controls you? There have been times I have actively gone out and pursued a calorie filled unhealthy food knowing full well that I didn't need or really want it, but couldn't stop myself. I truly feel like today I was in control.


  1. Yes, food controls me. But I am reclaiming my ass TODAY!

  2. Good work! Just thought I'd say.

  3. Totally feel like chocolate gets me under its spell sometimes. For the past couple of days I've been drinking lots of tea at night to try to curb it. Love your Blog!! Turning 30 in less than six months and get fit has always been a dream of mine. Doing it for me!!

  4. That's how I end up in the drive-thru ( I know, disgusting) but when I let myself get too hungry, not planning - my car just pulls in