Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wrap With Me

Hello Week 8!

So how'd I do this week? I did not burn 3500 calories exercising. I came to the realization that this was a bigger goal than I was ready for, but hey, this journey is about learning. So, what else did I learn? I learned that I CAN burn 1900 calories through exercise in one week if I put my mind to it.

Here is how it was broken down:

Tuesday 500 cals
Wednesday 500 cals
Thursday 550 cals
Friday 400 cals

Yesterday I did a ton of errands so I was up and moving and active, but not doing concentrated exercise.

I got myself up and exercising four days over the last week. That's great! No jeers for not meeting my huge goal, only cheers for what I did accomplish. Negativity is how I've approached every other weight loss/fitness journey. Not this time!

Allow me to share a great portion control lesson I learned yesterday. So, I actually slept in on Saturday (a great feat for me-unfortunately I can't get off of the internal work clock on the weekends). So, breakfast came around 10:45am. I had an errand to run soon with the fella, so I needed something quick but with some substance, because it would be a few hours before I would be eating again. I was strapped in the grocery department, so I went with a little spinach, cheese, and tomato wrap.
Thank you!
I have been obsessed with fresh tomatoes this week (mmmm they just taste like summer), so I had part of one left as well as some spinach that was on it's last leg before Dumpsterville. I keep my breads in the fridge to prolong their life (it seriously works) and I had some whole wheat tortillas on hand. I knew there were some carbs in my future, so I needed to mindful of that as well-gotta balance those starches. Taking some Naturally Thin advice, I practiced some portion control. I used half a tortilla and made a little warm wrap (no doubt I sprinkled in some Tony's seasoning-oh yessss). I wasn't so sure it would do the trick, but it was super delicious, and much to my surprise it actually filled me up! To be honest, I don't eat a ton of starchy breadsy carbs, my main carbs come from other places like fruit and beans. So, the whole wheat tortilla really stayed with me (warming the wrap and adding spice helped too). Point being, I totally thought I needed way more food than I actually did. I got a complete serving of bread, vegetable, and a little protein, and I was good to go on so much less than I assumed. Love that!

My goal for Week 8? Burn 1900 calories through exercise (we all know I can do it!).

Did you make any discoveries this week on your fitness journey?

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