Monday, May 4, 2009

Birthday Blog Part Two did I do yesterday?

Well, it was a successful birthday all around.

Presents? Check. I was showered with love from my handsome hubby and dog child.

Most Important Meal of the Day? Check. I had a delicious homemade brunch of scrambled egg whites and almond crusted French toast (and it was actually figure friendly-I will share the recipe one day if you're lucky.) Two pieces of French toast were had instead of the typical three.

Day of Fun? Check. I saw amazing dinosaur fossils and learned all about the Pirate Ship The Whydah. Seriously, old skool pirate life is fascinating-they were democratic, non-discriminating, skilled (y'know, really cool guys if you can get past the stealing, fighting and ruthlessness.)

Maintained Blood Sugar? Check. After the museum, I enjoyed a snack of almonds and a cheese stick.

Stayed True to Fitness Goal? Check. When we returned home we leashed up the dog child and went on a two mile brisk walk around the neighborhood. I refused to cheat by telling myself, "Oh, I walked around a lot today."

Birthday Dinner? Check. Of course my foodie man and I had to celebrate my birthday with a delicious dinner! Boy oh boy did we choose a good place. We enjoyed Latin American food that was so well seasoned it was an actual flavor party in my mouth. I indulged in a handful of birthday tortilla chips, but was definitely less heavy handed than normal. We enjoyed a flavorful appetizer plate of arugula and grilled calamari-a garlicy lime delight (although I promptly threw the tentacley pieces at my fella). For my entree I enjoyed Mexican zucchini stuffed with vegetables and a side salad with citrus vinaigrette. Holy mole (literally)! It was all so delicious. (Chicago-ites this is Mixteco Grill on Montrose and Ashland.)

Birthday Cake? Check. The hubs purchased a mini cake from the grocery store and we each had a small piece.

More Birthday Cake? NOPE!

Moderation with all the food temptations
Grilled appetizer vs. fried
Packed up half my entree and took it home (hello dinner tonight!)

All in all a great day!

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  1. Ok, awesome. First I wants to go to there. Second, yay! Good job.