Thursday, April 30, 2009

ARMed and Dangerous

I toyed with calling this post Excuses Excuses, but more than anything, this is a post about my arm.

YOU: A post about your arm? What? Has she is already lost it on Post #4 before she’s even really started?!

BB30: Bear with me...and my arm.

There is always a way to talk ourselves out of doing something we don’t want to do or are scared to do (or have been wanting to do for most of your life but haven't!!). I am currently battling a bit of an injury that I must not let get in my way and become a roadblock to fitness.

I know that office-life is not for me. Some thrive in it and love it. For me as an artist, it’s really toxic. It depletes me emotionally, and now I am experiencing a physical toll. Long story short, too many hours at my desk in improper positioning has resulted in a neck sprain effecting my dominate arm. To my surprise this has even involved x-rays and physical therapy, so I implore all of you to practice good working posture!!

I actually received this picture at work.

Anywho, what better reason to tell myself I can’t work out and lift weights. There is also an emotional element. Being hurt has made me a bit blue. It’s frustrating to be in pain and not be able to do some simple things like reach up for a spice while cooking dinner, lift the garage door, or even reach back to put on my coat. The physical therapist says I can begin lifting light weights again in a week or two. There are also plenty of exercises I can do until my arm heals up fully like cardio (walking, jogging, elliptical without arms) and even crunches. My PT exercises are also good for me in general, so I can heal and get fit at the same time. I have to refuse to let it be an excuse not to make headway.

What excuses do you tell yourself?

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  1. Right now its because I'm too busy reading blogs :) But seriously its because I'm lazy and tired. there. I said it.