Sunday, May 17, 2009

Week Two Round Up

So how'd I do this week? Meh. I did okay exercise wise. It was quite a busy week involving several different areas of life, so I felt spread a bit thin. I didn't manage my time well enough to get in work outs on Tuesday and Wednesday. I was only getting in six hours of sleep a night tops, so I just couldn't bare to lose any hours and get up early. I had to swap the weights for soup cans, and I am a bit frustrated with having to take strength training so slowly. I am definitely not able to follow the Prevention plan full out, but I am using it as a guide and enjoying the power walks (one day it was raining so I did it on my elliptical and burned even more calories-woo hoo). I noticed that I actually need to do a light jog in some places of the speed bursts to get my heart rate up correctly. Food wise I have done a pretty good job of combating temptations.

For example, Saturday I attended the Cubs/Astros game (hooray for my first married Cubs game!)

YOU: BB30, what's that box you and your fine husband are holding?
ME: Do you know what they are selling at Wrigley Field this season? A four pound soft pretzel!

Don't worry I did not inhale the entire thing, this is how much the two of us actually consumed together (and shared a piece with a pal), we really just wanted to say we bought one. It is still sitting in our kitchen:

So, my baseball game lunch included the equivalent of about half a soft pretzel, some peanuts in the shell (they take a long time to crack open each one and eat which is a good tip), and a light beer. This is of course not a meal at the height of nutrition, but I avoided the processed cheese sirens that are ball park nachos and the one thing that has been calling me for days cream. I realize that having a cup last weekend was too soon in the game, because I have been in a crave spiral ever since (the ol' monthly hormones do not help either). I need to be strong for now until I stabilize a bit. I also avoided the temptation on my walk home from the game to take the route that would lead me past Dairy Queen. BB30 2-Ice Cream 0. Wouldn't you know what was lurking on my alternate route.....

Seriously, there was an adorable ice cream truck singing on the corner. Good grief!
I knew I had stretched my limits enough with my less than appropriate lunch, so I stayed strong! Whew! That was close. I have since continued to long for ice cream.

I have some challenges this coming week in the form of a fabulous trip to California for my bestie's wedding (weeeee!!!!!!) There will be temptations, but I vow to enjoy all of the delights of a wedding weekend and still maintain balance. I can do it! It's also good motivation to be on point this week.

So, my goal for week three is to continue to do what I can of the Prevention Magazine plan and be even more committed! Wish me luck!

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