Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Am Being Stalked

I have a stalker, and her name is Ice Cream. I told you all of my recent struggle with the yearning for ice cream. I survived a baseball game, took an alternate route to avoid Dairy Queen, and resisted an ice cream truck all in one day! I forgot to mention that I tried to satiate my unruly desire on Sunday with a McDonald’s vanilla cone (a mere 150 calories-good tip alert), but alas, their machine was broken. So, I stayed strong.

Cut to Tuesday, ICE CREAM SOCIAL DAY, in the cafeteria at work. Seriously? Seriously!
I am officially being chased by a personal food demon!

Do I dare? Stressful! Curses!

Notice that a pictue of me with ice cream all over my face is not here. That's because I ran away from the cart and lived calorie savinging-ly ever after!
Like I've mentioned my eating goals revolve around balance and not thinking of any foods as "bad foods," but right now I know I would over do it in an instant, so I need to hold off with this dessert for now.

What food demon stalks you??


  1. Soda, Tortilla Chips, and Cheese - the worst! Congrats on running away from the IC!!!

  2. Congrats on not giving in to temptation!

    I'm stalked by cookies and deep dish pizza.