Sunday, May 10, 2009

Practcin' What I Preach

Friday night: Didn't feel satisfied with dinner and really wanted something else. So, I took a three mile brisk walk and came home and evaluated my hunger then. I guarantee you I would have over eaten had I not done that. So instead of ordering two more starch filled sushi rolls I went and exercised and came home only needing an egg white scramble and an apple dashed with some proteiny peanut butter. BALANCE. I didn't let myself starve and my blood sugar drop, I gave myself time to digest what I had eaten, and gave myself time not to make a bad food decision.

Saturday night: I knew a Mother's Day dinner with my precious in-laws was on the schedule, so I made smart choices during the day eating a few small meals. At the restaurant I passed on the bread basket, and enjoyed a sip-able liquor drink (no soda or juice) a few pieces of calamari, and a big salad with grilled shrimp. I also indulged in some after dinner low fat ice cream. BALANCE. More calories than a typical evening, yes, but let's look at the gray area: I gave up the bread and lots of alcohol and a heavy entree in exchange for one long lasting cocktail and went for filling fresh veggies for dinner which allowed for some ice cream. Not bad.

How'd I do this week:

Five days of brisk walking and two days of time on the elliptical. All of which I would not have done last week.

Smart food choices.

Practiced balance.

Stay tuned for my week two goal!

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  1. YEAH! Great first week, BB30!

    I love how you repeatedly say BALANCE. It's good to have that reminder.