Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Did I make efforts to move today? Yep. Another brisk, heart rate raising walk-this time in the fresh spring drizzle! Who did I think of when I was tired and just wanted to sit on my sofa?

Meet one of my fitness inspirations:

Tara Costa
Biggest Loser Season 7

(slight TBL spoilers below)

I love The Biggest Loser and Tara has been my favorite from day one because of her amazing attitude. She stepped onto TBL Ranch and the former model has put everything she has into making the most of the opportunity (even winning a car pulling challenge after having odds stacked against her when her co-contestants ganged up on her when given the opportunity to add weight to another person’s disadvantage.) She has lost 135lbs in mere months, completed a full marathon, and I can’t wait to see her come finale time next week! Her devotion and effort is so inspiring and every week she gives me a dose of motivation. If I can muster half the enthusiasm of this gal I will be in a bikini by 30.

I’m rooting for you Tara!
In other news: I had a proud temptation moment today at work. I was waiting on an elevator with my lunch salad in tow eyeing a man’s pizza box and enjoying the wafting goodness. The bell rang and an elevator door opened. Although I can resist rushing out and buying an actual pizza of my own, I knew the succulent smell was no match for my food triggers and riding upstairs with the pie in question would be torturous and possibly disastrous (aka running for chips in the vending machine or something junky and salty like pizza). Thus, I waited for another elevator to come to avoid sparking a snackfest. Take that Elevator Pizza, you cunning cat!

I also avoided baked goods someone brought in. I am on a roll!


  1. I love Tara too!
    Although is it just me, or on Tuesday's episode was Ali Vincent just looking waaaay too skinny?
    Although looking at her compared to the other former contestents, it looks like some of them have gained some of the weight back - which is realistic, considering that they work out 4-8 hours a day on the ranch and its not realistic to work out more than maybe 2 hours a day if you have a job and a life.