Sunday, July 19, 2009

To the Core

My week was good. I got in two workouts on the elliptical, and on Saturday I met my goal of incorporating some core work when I turned on ExerciseTV and paired a little Pilates Abs workout with revisit of Back 2 Bollywood.

Tuesday I had a good triumph with restaurant dining. My husband and I met at a Turkish restaurant we had been wanting to try and instead of ordering one of the ho-hum vegetarian dinners that would have left me dissatisfied and angry and wishing I'd gotten something better, I used my Naturally Thin tools and opted for a small appetizer and a cup of lentil soup as my meal. Although pan fried, my delicious hot appetizer was just what I wanted (savory zucchini, feta and tomato disks), and it was small so I could have some delectable bites and be completely satisfied without breaking the calorie bank!

Today I made my weekly fruit bowls and instead of banana slices and grapefruit chunks I worked in beautiful dark cherries and grapes for some variety. I cooked up some delicious veggie chili full of healthy squash, zucchini, eggplant, purple onion, and bit of black beans that I put into individual containers and froze as grab-n-go lunch options for this week.

For my Week 12 goal I will continue to incorporate core work into my exercise routine. I liked the pilates workout because it was gentle enough not to cripple me the next day, but powerful enough that I definitely felt it. I think I will go in that direction for now as my core strengthening method.

What are your favorite ab workouts?


  1. You are so motivating! Stick with it!

  2. YAY for you. I had such an off weekend with all the drama that I dealt with that I totally fell off the workout wagon. I DID, however, get back on this evening. I have been monitoring my caloric intake with this nifty little program on my phone. I love it. It lets me plug in what I eat, the exercises I did, the water I drank. I love love looooove it. In fact, I was using it a few minutes ago to calculate how many calories a baked potato would have in it because I think I really want one for tomorrow. But, I may have to look into the book that you talked about.

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