Thursday, July 23, 2009

A New Motivation

I have been a woman of my word and have incorporated more core work into my regimen this week. I’m proud about that.
I must again sing the praises of On Demand Fitness, because it gives me the opportunity to test drive a variety of workouts. I get bored easily, and mustering the drive to get up and exercise is tough enough for me as it is, so I don’t want to make it twice as hard by doing the same monotonous thing over and over. (I can stick with the repetitiveness of the elliptical because I am catching up on a variety of DVRd goodness while I do it.) Explore On Demand fitness options if you have them! Try as well! You can actually find my ab workout from yesterday there:

Recently a new motivation to stick with balanced diet and exercise has presented itself. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to audition for a production with a highly regarded company in a show that is so dear to my heart to say the very least. In general this piece requires physical stamina and body confidence, so while my expectations are managed about being cast (as they always must be in show business), I am thrilled that I have advanced notice to push myself a little harder and be ready for anything the audition process throws my way. I want to be as strong and confident as possible so I can walk out feeling wonderful about this audition.
Have you had any new motivations this week?

I also seem to have an insatiable desire for cereal as well as sautéed purple onions. No, I’m not pregnant.

What are your wacky food wants this week?

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  1. My motivation is my brother-in-laws newly announced wedding. Date TBA. I just want to look good for all the younger kids. No if, ands, (and hopefully) no butts. Pun Intended.