Thursday, July 30, 2009


It has been a stressful week for me. I find that as I mature emotion manifests itself differently for me. I feel it in my body so much more and I ache instead of cry it out. Check out this article from The Washington Post on how different parts of our bodies are effected by stress. Tension headaches-oh yes, sounds quite familiar!

All the more reason to embrace exercise is it not? In the spirit of healthy living I will do a little yoga today. Good for my body and my mind.

What's your favorite de-stressing form of exercise?

Monday marks another measurement day, and all the typical thoughts are running through my head. Will I have lost any inches? Will I have gained inches? Will I have hit a plateau? Why won't my darn scale move??

Whew. I definitely need some stretching and breathing!!!

1 comment:

  1. Yoga - very good idea for the stress. Also, I find that punching the crap out of my pillows is a great release :)

    Throw that scale away, girl! Don't let it stress you out - the numbers on your measuring tape prove that you've been amazing, strong and courageous... but even moreso, they show your results!

    I'd encourage more strength training - it will not only help sculpt your sexy bikini body but increasing muscle mass revs your metabolism in ways that cardio can't. So, even when you're sleeping, you'll be getting closer to your goal!

    Go get em, I'm so inspired!