Friday, July 17, 2009

More Inspiration

In May I wrote about my love of Tara Costa of The Biggest Loser fame and how her amazing endurance and drive filled me with inspiration to attack my fitness journey. This summer’s inspiration comes from another television show and reminds me of my long term goal of a fit healthy feminine body. Please meet my fitness inspiration of the season Jeanine Mason of So You Think You Can Dance:

Thank you
If you have never watched this show I urge you to tune in on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Other than Jeanine's general adorableness, I find her to be such a lovely physical mix of muscle and strength and womanly curve. My ideal would be to tone up with lean muscle like this while maintaining my curvy shape. Thus, why dance work outs like rad Back to Bollywood and some pilates sessions (Windsor Pilates has a good bun and thigh dvd I enjoyed a few years ago I may try to find) are going to be some of my top ways to tone.

I board my elliptical on Wednesdays and am filled with inspiration by all of the dancers gorgeous physiques and amazing talent. As I watch some of the most moving dancing I have ever seen I am motivated to keep moving on my machine and strengthening my body!

Do you dig dancer bods?


  1. It is soooo awesome to have motivation. Part of my motivation is this little red dress :,default,pd.html?cgid=cl3

    I love this dress and can not wait to shrink down to be able to wear it. I have lost 8 pounds since I started working out and eating healthier a month ago. I probably tell you this every time I am over here, but I love your blog. I even went backwards and read your earlier entries. I am right there beside you working out and trying to keep going strong.

  2. You piqued my curiosity, so I checked out the biggest loser. So In a way, I guess you are my inspiration. I've set some loose goals, and I'm plugging along. So thanks! I linked to you on my blog. I don't really have an audience, but credit where credit is due...

  3. @Charisse: Vavoom!
    @Em: This made my day. I am verklempt!