Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Limb and an Organ Walk Into A Bar…

I wanted to provide you some updates.

First, my problematic liver.

Damn Girl, your liver’s still smokin’!

Way back when I told you all about my hot liver. Well, apparently it’s still hot and could be behind my stubborn belly bulge and a recent eye lid twitch that just won’t go away. I do too much ab work to still have a pooch, and a congested liver can cause all sorts of issues. I'velearned that the liver also effects our eyes. In addition to my eyelid twitching through the day for well over a week, my vision is also blurring in a weird way. At first I chalked it up to teh dry air, but now I think there is more to it. We store anger and resentment in our livers and need to be good to them and good to ourselves to cleanse them. I must admit that lately I have been holding lots of anger been the short temper queen. Do you ever have those waves of time where so many little ridiculous things happen to you that you swear there must be a hidden camera somewhere or like you’re on a terrible sitcom? That’s me lately folks. From my debit card number being stolen resulting in a two month long battle to get a new card (including things like the bank linking my card to the wrong address and zip code) to knocking over and shattering an entire bottle of red wine all over my kitchen, to falling apart most Sundays because I am so unhappy in day job-dom and feel sick at the thought of the approaching week, to simply not feeling fulfilled, I have lots going on inside. Dandelion root is very healing for the liver and I have been drinking lots of dandelion tea since last week. Prior to that I was drinking a liver tea I found at an amazing Asian market. Mostly, to heal my liver it seem that I must de-stress. I have to let things go, take deep breaths, and simply make an active choice to be in a good mood. I really want to see an acupuncturist, but it’s terribly expensive. Ideally I know my health should know no cost, but my insurance (although a major company) does not cover acupuncture and hella expensive.

How’s Your Arm?

Way back when I told you all about my arm woes. Basically until I am not in office day job-dom I will hurt. The hours and hours a day of being unhappily typing away in a cube and such will continue to irritate my rotator cuff, despite all efforts to be ergonomically correct. The good news is that working out and lifting dumbbells has helped me strengthen up. My arms still hurts on certain exercises (like ones with a lot of rapid rotation and doing windmills with my arms and jumping jacks), but for the most part weight lifting has been so good for it. I can hold plank pose and side plank pose without my arm killing me, and I can do pushups without a problem. I can see someone from afar and quickly reach up and wave at them (a luxury I didn’t have for a while without pain). It’s such a great feeling and it’s been a long road!!

How are all of you?
Have any of you healed ailments with acupuncture? Is it worth the cost?
Have you overcome any injuries with strength training?

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