Thursday, March 4, 2010

...And I Like That

This Lenten season  I have been writing down things I am grateful for each day. To balance my lame trip through Morose-ville from yesterday, I will list some of them here.

I've had some good brave moments: Taking the initiative to speak to my agent about my hair, doing a major hair cut (that's awesome), booking new headshots, speaking up to my boss about additional jobs I am doing that I am not being compensated for and asking for that to be reviewed.

Beautiful Surroundings: There have been some amazingly sunshiney and gorgeous days over the past few weeks and I am happy to get to appreciate them because I sit by a window at my day job. I've also gotten some gorgeous views from the El (Chicago's Elevated Train System) of the lovely Chicago archetecture.

Happy Food: My day job began "Free Fruit Fridays" to promote health so I get to pick a piece of fresh fruit to enjoy each Friday morning. They are also now offering healthier options in our little cafeteria such as a little salad bar and even some vegan friendly entree days-I enjoyed tofu and quinoa one day with my pal Mandy! I typically birng my lunch, but it's so nice to know I have options, especially now that I am super busy and my schedule isn't as open to go grocery shopping. I also have been enjoyiong weekend brunch at a wonderful vegetarian restaurant not far from my apartment...and my husband loves it too. I'm so glad I have this restaurant nearby-I can never decide what I want-I can have almost everything on the menu! It's great and bikini friendly!

Day Job/Life Balance: In February I got to initiate one work from home day a month! (It's a policy many have been enjoying for well over a year, but I was left out-so I spoke up!)

Staying Strong in the Face of Stress: Although yesterday's blues warranted a diet soda, I stayed strong and did not order French Fries ('cause the best Diet Coke comes from Mcdonald's)

Gifts: My bestie sent me The Artist in the Office which is a fun book all about how to survive day job-dom and maintain your creativity while chained to a desk 40 hours a week. It encourages you to list goals and suggests ways to be creative and work on your craft even if it's a short walk outside at lunch, looking up one contact, sending out one manuscript or headshot/resume or making collages from your scratch pad. It inspired me to list out some atristic and personal goals I have for this year so they are now on paper and out in the universe.

Feeding My Creative Soul: I'm back in rehearsals adn working on a show which plumps up my resume, keeps me out there as an ative Chciago artist, and feeds my creative soul!
Lookey there, lots of nice things.

Do you keep a gratitude list or journal?


  1. I have been reading for awhile (can't remember where I stumbled on you) and just realized we are both in Chicago!
    So funny.

  2. @ Casey-Chicago Sisters! Being in a big pedestrian friendly city with so many food options definitely helps me!!

  3. First, I love your Lenten goals. Although Lent has already begun, I might just copy you for the rest of the season. What a nice way to keep a journal.

    Second, I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog. I am a healthy weight for my height but I am weak and flabby (lost a bunch of weight post-college) and in sore need of toning up, stat. Also, I've gained weight post-wedding. I am on a fitness/good eating kick these days (for the most part) and I'm thinking I need to take before photos in a bikini. You have inspired me!

  4. @Newlywed: We are in such a similar boat. Of course I am all about taking a bikini pic. It is thrilling and scary and motivating and puts it out there in the universe (even if you never post it). Rock on!