Sunday, March 14, 2010

What's That In Your Face?

Why it's an acupuncture needle thank you very much.
I have been so curious about acupuncture for a while now, and I finally found a decently priced well recommended acupuncturist. I went yesterday. After talking with the sweet acupuncturist/owner I was stuck with eight needles: One near the side of my nose, one in part of an ear,  two in one hand, one in the other hand, two in one foot, one in the other foot. I have a slew of emotional/internal things I wanted to address, so for this inagural session he targeted overall energy flow which is mood lifting (because short tempered-ness and mood have been a big issue for me lately). I sat in the chair with my needles for about 30 minutes and somewhere in the middle of it I sort of gasped. A good gasp. All of a sudden I could breathe deeper than I've ever breathed before. It was crazy. I've been breathing so deeply since then and have felt much calmer. When my husband met me in the lobby afterwards he said I looked like I was glowing. How cool is that?! I go back on Friday after work. I am really looking forward to more sessions and ridding myself of what angsty nasty stuff I have clogged up inside and seeing if we can attack my sluggish metabolism (because I truly feel there is something wrong, even if docs say my thyroid is fine. Something is rotten in the state of my Metabolism. I'm toning up inside and out afterall. Mmmm...soul food.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the acupuncturist said that there is something going on in my liver, but I do not have liver fire. He said if my liver was very hot then I wouldn't be cold all of the time. Good to know. He also squeezed my feet and ankles in certain spots and asked if they were tender-they definitely were! All of the point charts I've looked up confuse me so I don't know exactly what's going on down there or what it's connected to, but it's very interesting. I always feel like the bones on my lower legs are sore (although I know bones themselves cannot be sore). Hmmm....


  1. where'd you go? I have yet to find somewhere that looks even remotely affordable in Chicago.

  2. @Casey-Lincoln Square Acupuncture: