Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pants Dance

Behold: Thursday I put on my old “skinny slacks” and they’re a bit roomier now!



A**Hole Scale-0

The story of my skinny slacks:

Here is a brief BB30 History lesson that I have yet to share and gives you a little insight into my endless struggle to achieve the slim fit body I’ve always wanted. I’ve definitely had some set backs. About 2.5 years ago I randomly decided to start calorie counting (sticking to about 1200 calories a day). I kept an excel spreadsheet at my day job where I logged every calorie I ate. The result was a very rapid weight loss. I had just been eating waaaay too many calories (damn you delicious Cocoa Krispies). I wasn’t fit or firm (I was still all jiggle) but I was slimmer and it stuck for about nine months. That is until I started taking a medicine that threw weight on me until I was up the 25 pounds I had lost. At first it was slow and unnoticeable, but then it started piling on so fast-I had no idea what was happening (I was still eating 1500 calories or less per day-it was like a bad dream! Seriously, I lost a pair of pants in my closet for two weeks and after finding them they couldn’t even button. SCARY.) Another tidbit to point out: My off-the-rack (and stunning) wedding dress was already purchased!!!! So, I stopped taking the medicine (of course) worked with a trainer friend for some sessions, enrolled in dances classes, and got moving so that I could wear my beautiful wedding dress in six months. I did it, and I was lucky, but man oh man-it was scary! Anyway, in those slimmer months I purchased my “skinny slacks.” They were snug and at first I would wear panty hose under them to make them fit better (you know you’ve all done it), and when I ballooned up of course there was no way I could even pull them up over my hips.

So, it was such a nice feeling to put on these slacks and see some results!!!


  1. That's when you know you;ve made progress--when your clothes look different. I look at myself and can't tell I've lost weight but the dress does it.

  2. That's awesome! And your stomach is totally looking flat!