Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Boost In Confidence

So, as we know I am working away at an acting career. Part of not being in the best physical condition possible is that I think know that it's been holding me back in the on-camera world. Well today I was pleased as punch to get a call that I booked a little commercial. I have been feeling a little down about not being able to push hard these past weeks exercise-wise when I am sooo close to my birthday (only about a month!!!) This helps me know that despite my current pause in being a workout queen, I have still made progress! Enough progress to be camera ready. It's such a good feeling to have gotten to a new place with my goals, and all of my hard work and healthy choices have begun to pay off. This nugget has made my day and I feel encouraged to keep on working hard-slow sure will win this life long race!


  1. I'm so excited for you! My daughter mentioned the other day that I looked like I had lost weight!! still working on it, though. I only have about 5 weekds to lose 10 pounds. yikes!

  2. @Grandma Kathleen. I know you'll get there!