Thursday, August 4, 2011


Busy busy busy. Being back in the routine of having a full time day job and rehearsing is tough. Add in attempting to workout and you get one exhausted girl, mentally and physically. Last week due to rehearsals and obligations I only got in one workout. I feel pretty failure-y about that, but truly, it was unavoidable. I'm still working on not being too hard on myself about that. I did get in some decent lunch break walks while learning lines so not all was lost. My body is so used to good aerobic release I feel sluggish and ick without exercising. On the other hand, I cannot rehearse all night, take the train home, go to bed late and wake up the next day to be packed up and downtown at the gym for a 6am class. It's simply not going to happen. It's not that I don't want it bad enough, I just have a limitation with lack of sleep. Sleep is good. Sleep is healthy. It's a non-negotiable. Oh how I wish coffee and energy drinks actually had an effect on me. I think I have become immune. I used to be able to drink a gigantic iced coffee and feel buzzed. Now I feel nothing. I think what I need is the biggest glass of veggie juice known to man. My eating schedule and food quality is off. Sometimes dinner is a snack before rehearsal (like some carrots and hummus and maybe a few tortilla chips followed by post rehearsal popcorn-out of balance much?)

This week on top of rehearsals and obligations (when you're an actor, you have artist friends and at any given time you have 10 shows you feel you should being going to see their shows to support them) I am squeezing in:

Monday: Shredded (a new one for me-full body focused class with dumbbells and muscle strengthening exercises (aka planks).

Thursday: Kick-lates

Friday: Body Band Pilates followed by 100s Strength (another new one for me-each exercise is done 100 times, sometimes all at once, some times broken up-please let push ups be one of the latter!)

So, I am managing to make it work. Really, once I am open on the 19th, I can resume workouts Mon Tues and Wed. (I will have shows Thurs-Sun).

This weekend will be such fun as one of my NYC besties is coming town! A much needed weekend of girlfriend time and general Texas sauciness will ensue.

In garden news, my Garden Buddha has blessed me once again. This tiny guy below went from a bud to a big ol' squash in less than a week...and another is already on the way!

I am busy and forgetful and don't have a picture of what it looks like now, but it's almost time to pick it!

Look how big my squash plant is. You can barely see Garden Buddha anymore.
Here he is!

I have a basil jungle again this year. It's blissful.
Oregano Forest

My bell peppers are also coming in well. This picture from one week ago does them no justice! I am waiting for the fella below to turn red!

I have about 20 tomatoes on their way. Grow babies, grow!
With feeling spread thin and tired comes feeling a little blue (which is silly because I am soooo happy working on my new show. I feel such joy when it's time for rehearsal. ) So, I want to commit to sharing some gratitude everyday for one week.

Today I am grateful for a break in the hot weather and Mr. BB30's awesomeness at tackling some handyman work in our apartment (just because he knew it would make me happy).

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Your bell peppers look good, I need to grow my own! Hope you get some rest soon :)

  2. @Shakes-It's so rewarding! I love it! When you settle in your new home, you must plant!