Monday, August 15, 2011

Makin' It Work During the Busy Times

My new play opens this week. Such a fast and furious process! I definitely haven't been able to hit the gym as much, but have tried to combat the reduction is exercise with reducing my calorie intake a little, avoiding alcohol during the week, and not beating myself up (too much) about not being able to go. This week, I absolutely cannot get to the gym Mon-Fri so I must formulate a plan.

Yesterday after a rehearsal I decided I needed to get moving. Mr. BB30 wouldn't be home for a while (he is busy being famous with the play he wrote and is starring in that is selling out-woo hoo!) so I had some time at home to myself. As we know, I hate jogging with every fiber of my being, so I decided to hit up and download a cardio kickboxing workout. It's only about 23 minutes long, but very effective. $2 well spent. My heart rate was up for sure. (Although, I doubled up on repetitions since they were a little slower than what I am used to). It's going to be a great one to have on hand. I knew I needed to keep going so I went to my reliable go-to, The Shred (Level 2). I ended up breaking a mean sweat and feeling very proud that I chose exercising over my sofa and Drop Dead Diva (but seriously-how cute is this show!) I took a cool down walk around the block with my doggie where he hit on some neighbor girls (he loves the ladies). Then I discovered that I had put toothpaste on a zit to dry it up and didn't take it off. Neighborhood weirdo.
Thanks for the toning Jillian!
So, while the super ambitious part of me thinks I can attempt to squeeze in a 20 minute workout before I need to leave for rehearsals everyday this week, I have to stay realistic. Some nights I need to ARRIVE at 6:30pm. There just won't be time. But I will do my best to get in a few quick workouts to keep my bod in check. I can do that. I can make that happen. I have to choose to make that happen.

Today in gratitude I am grateful for my lovely fellow actor Tim and how enjoyable this crazy fast process has been all thanks to him. I am so lucky to have had this opportunity to bond with him and have full trust in my fellow actor. Friend love!

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