Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Zucchini Challenge

I eat a lot of zucchini (and yellow squash). It's so abundant and cheap right now (hello-a couple of weeks in a row I've gotten 5 for $1!). It's also full of tons of vitamins and is super low cal. I sautee it, put it tofu scrambles, add it to burrito bowls and tomato sauces, grill it to put on sandwiches and make soup with it. A couple of times I've coated yellow squash in a little plain soy yogurt, dusted it with corn meal and lightly pan fried it to get that amazing fried squash taste I grew up on (sans horrible-for-you Fry Daddy).

I love zucchini/squash especially since it takes on whatever taste you want it to, but I am out of ideas. Send me your favorite recipe!!! What haven't I thought of?!

Today in gratitude, I am thankful that it's monthly meditation day where I make myself take a lunch break to go to an awesome FREE guided meditation at a spa in the building I work in. I always come away with new insights and am often surprised by what comes up emotionally. I go in thinking my intention will be to focus on a certain issue, but many times something completely different pops up. It makes my inner hippie so happy. I've been going to this monthly lunch break meditation for two years now, and it has definitely made me a better person.

Hit me with your zucchini goodness!


  1. I just got a few big zucchini from a coworker and have been looking for new recipes too! I pinned a few on pinterest ( if you use it).

    Really want to try this vegan lasagna: -- looks so good!

  2. My favorite thing to make with zucchini is zucchini cakes, just like crab cakes. I've even found a vegan recipe to make it with! For some reason I've never been a fan of yellow squash.

  3. I like to shred the zucchini into ribbons and use it like pasta- pour on red sauce, sautee with garlic, basil and olive oil.