Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Body Can Do This

On Monday I went to Tabata (interval) Cardio Kickboxing class. It was killer. There are three studios at my fitness place, two small and one large and Tabata always ends up in a smaller room. It was hot (Chicago has decided to hit triple digit heat indexes lately) and the room was crowded. The idea with tabata/interval training is that you hit a move hard for 20 seconds (a tabata in general can be anything: a set of kickboxing moves, burpees, jumping jacks, whatever) then you rest for 10 seconds, then do it again eight times. You can do anything for 20 seconds right? Oof. Easier said than done. Please try the tabata of throwing four jabs followed by two star jacks (power jumping jack) then talk to me. (Below is a video demo of a star jack).

I was feeling fatigued and wondered if my heart my explode. Then the instructor said something really powerful. She said, “Come on, you’re body can do this.” Such a simple sentence. She was right, my body CAN do this. I got this. I can push myself. So I continued to whisper it during class, (the music is always super loud so luckily I didn’t seem crazy) “My body can do this. My body can do this,” and my body did it.

I snapped a secret pic with my phone after class. I call this shot She Earned The Chocolate Chips.

My body can do this.


  1. Thanks for this. Over the last couple of days when I think my legs are going to fail me if I go another mile or do another squat I remind myself "my body can do this". It is such a nice mantra to carry me to where I need to go. Thanks!

  2. Great job getting through your workout. I think I overused the saying "I can do this," and pushed myself too hard through Insanity videos, I now have an injured foot...just be wise and listen to your body :)