Friday, August 5, 2011

Blogger Issues

For a while now, Blogger won't let me comment on my own posts. Lame. So, I am not ignoring my comments! In fact I really love comments and wish there were more!

Yesterday I had a great experience in Kick-lates. I felt strong and capable and I noticed that I had so much more endurance than the last time I took it. I think that's one of my favorite things about switching up which workouts I do; when I come back to a class I can really feel the difference and notice where I can do a higher intensity level when I could before. It's really motivating and keeps me going. I also got a much needed endorphin rush. I had been dragging ALL DAY and no amount of caffeine gave me the boost that I got from an hour of kick boxing/pilates.

I made the most of a night of rehearsal and after my class I went to see a friend's play. Afterwards, we were talking about cooking and gardening and the farmer's market and she said magical words that made me want to move in with her like, "eggplant three different ways" and "quinoa risotto."

I've been keeping myself accountable and sharing random musings on Twitter. Follow me!

A Week of Gratitude Day 2:
Today I am grateful that my dear friend Shannon is coming for a visit and that I get to leave work early to scout a location for an event I am coordinating.

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