Monday, August 22, 2011

Back in the Game

Opening weekend went well, and other than a raging case of PMS, it couldn't have gone better. I wish I could perform this show everyday.

Like I mentioned, last week was a toughie as we were in crunch time with getting the show on its feet, so time for fitness was scarce.

I managed:

Sunday: Short Cardio Kickboxing followed by The Shred (Level 2)
Monday: The Shred (Level 3)
Friday: The Shred (Level 2)

Not great at all, but it was something to keep me afloat and I am proud of the little I made happen.

This week I am so excited to get back on track and in the gym!!!

The plan is:

Monday: Shredded: Full Body Focus

Tuesday: Strength Boxing followed by Abs N' Butt Blast

Wednesday: R.I.P.P.E.D followed by Body Band Pilates

I'm going to be careful not to push myself too hard since I've had such a scaled back couple of weeks, but I am confident my endurance will build back up quickly.

I leave you with this shot of my amazing brunch salad that Mr. BB30 treated me to yesterday. The Chicago Diner makes the best vegan gyros. So good. I typically just eat the seitan and veggies and have a little pita, and was thinking on our way over how wonderful it would be if they would just make a gyros salad. Lo and behold, it's happened. We hadn't been there in a long time and they changed up the menu. I want another one right now.

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