Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Dame

My friend Shannon is one of the most confident, passionate and outstanding humans I know. She is in fact so fabulous that way back when she was dubbed, The Dame. There really is no other appropriate way to describe her. I met Shannon when we were freshman in college and we became fast friends. By our sophomore year it was time for her to leave for studies abroad in England and Spain. Through the powers of love, friendship, cell phones and the interwebs, we have remained friends ever since.

She has agreed to let me publicly brag about her recent accomplishment, because it's too inspiring and amazing not to be shared!
Here is Shannon last year braving the crowds at Lollapalooza. I love her smile:

 Here is Shannon this year:
SHE HAS LOST 100 LBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, 1-0-0 pounds!!! She took the bull by the horns and started making healthier food choices and committing to regular exercise every day after work. When she's out and about she consults Eat This Not That to help her make the best food decision she can. She also keeps in mind that every little bit helps. For example: Cheese doesn't do much for her. She doesn't love it so she leaves it out of meals and sandwiches. The calories aren't worth it to her. Those small changes really add up!

I am so proud of her and know how hard it is to make a lifestyle change. AND SHE'S STILL GOING!

You know what else burns calories? Bustin' a fierce move on the dance floor!  Looks at those muscles (and the shirt I am going to steal)!

I love this woman!

Now for the last installment in my week of gratitude:
Today I am grateful for a deep and relaxing meditation yesterday. I set my intention to relax and enjoy the positive things that are happening around me. I think I have been caught up in thinking about my future for so long I haven't been fully present NOW. I feel much more mellow now. I've decided that I should aim to give gratitude for something in all of my posts. It's really very helpful. Honestly I should really start a gratitude journal based on my day job so I can appreciate the good things that it provides me, but...meh....we'll see about that ;)

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