Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dressed to be Motivated

So………..As the months move quickly along my bikini bod goal has been feeling sort of COLOSSAL. My motivating audition was a bust (not even a call back-sigh), so I am pretty bummed about that. Enter my new mini goal, a goal within a goal if you will.

Whilst perusing a consignment shop display at a street fair with my visiting besties this weekend, I stumbled upon a charming vintage inspired dress (I think it comes from Anthropologie). The size was questionable and ambitious, but it looked possible, and it was so adorable that I threw caution to the wind and bought it. Friends, the fit was pretty darn snug. Snug as in it was successfully zipped once then I was afraid to push it lest I break the zipper. BUT it’s definitely an inspiration to work hard and make my way into it which feels very attainable and like much less of an overwhelming challenge than getting an athletic bikini body feels at the moment.

So I present my stepping stone goal: Dress By Opening.

My new show (that I started rehearsals for Monday night-yay) opens on November 13th. With the time frame ( 6-7 weeks) and the dress’ tweediness it makes for the perfect fall event to wear my goal dress to. It will also hit just after the six month mark (when I will post updated bikini pics). Here are some shots so we can compare later when it WILL fit!

The Before:

This dress is precious, no? It satiates some of the Mad Men costume lust I have been experiencing. Side note: If you haven’t, please watch Mad Men, you know, only if you enjoy crazy good “it’s all about what’s not being said” acting and writing that will blow you away.

I think it was good to see some pics like this in general because although I was sad (and admittedly embarrassed) that it didn't fit, I can see definition in my back that I haven't seen before, because, well, I can't see my back :) It also helped me form my goal for the week: Work on those lower abs/belly. Last night I did lots of leg lifts and really noticed how much strength I am gaining. I can get my legs just inches from the ground and shoot them back up now. I definitely could not do that a few months ago. So, there are many positives that have come from my too-tight purchase.

In other news, I am feeling a bit less scaly but not sure if I owe it to Fish Oil or one of the remedies that Dr. Mom has recently mailed me. Maybe a combo. My arm/neck/shoulder are still hurting after having to lift so many heavy crates during an office move two weeks ago. Hoping it gets better with rest so I don't have to go through the Physical Therapy regimen again. I have a massage scheduled for Friday so maybe that will give me some relief.

So there you have it. In a month and half I WILL sport my new dress at my show opening….and away we go!


  1. YOU LOOK MARVELOUS, DARLINK! The dress is so perfect and it won't take very much for that zipper to, umm... ZIP up your back! I enjoy your postings because they help me in my own journey back into my little black dress. I think I'll try a few on and see where I am so I, too, can have a goal within a goal. GREAT idea.

  2. Your shoulders look amazing! You are gonna rock that dress at the opening. Good luck!

  3. That is so funny, because I have the exact same dress and have been working to fit back into it. I haven't been able to wear it in about a year because it's now hugging me in all the wrong places, but I *will* get back into it, dangit. It's too fabulous to give away.

    I think your mini-goal is definitely attainable. Good luck to you!

  4. You can do it, you're looking amazing! Sighhhh, how I love that dress!

  5. @ Katie: How crazy is that?! We're in it together!

    @All: You're awesome.