Monday, September 28, 2009

Back to Basics

In an effort to combat my feelings of overwhelmingness (That’s not a word, but it is today), I am going back to basics and revisiting my early goal of simply moving everyday. I think maybe some of my struggle of late was coming from assigning myself too many tasks, so I think making a nod toward simplicity and just creating time to move some everyday will help ease some of the pressure.

A Tale of A Supportive Partner:
Friday I had some things to do after work and my husband told me he would have dinner waiting when I got home. He is so supportive of my efforts to eat better and made a very health conscious meal for us. Fresh broccoli soup (a little Gordon Ramsey inspired recipe basically consisting of freshly steamed broccoli and the water you steam it in, seasoned and blended together with a dollup of goat cheese, baked fish on top of a fresh corn puree, tomato/cucumber/shrimp ceviche salad, and fresh homemade whole wheat bread. So you see you can have a delightful and fancy dinner without over doing it. It felt so indulgent but was entirely not!

A Tale of Motivation:
Saturday morning I opened my inbox to see a lovely message from a friend on the east coast. She is on a similar get-fit journey and offered up some encouragement and inspiration from afar reminding me that exercise is in fact great medicine for job/life stress and is much more rewarding than a greasy or sugary bag of anything will ever be. Then, I got up off the sofa where I was catching up my DVRd shows from the week and watched from my elliptical. I even upped the resistance to a higher level than ever for the last 15 minutes of it. I was proud of how much strength I’ve gained to able to go up yet another notch. I was proud that I got up off of the sofa. I was proud that I didn’t create an excuse not to get in some exercise.

So, I want to pay it forward today and remind you all that we can do this! Even if we just take an extra walk around the block today or do a set of sits ups instead of eating some chips, we’ve made one more step toward healthier lives!


  1. OK, you motivated me. I was going to finish son's small bag of chips but they are smashed & trashed. I'm leaving the computer and getting in the pool since today is the first day in FOREVER that it's been warm enough to swim without shivering. I think I lose weight shivering (smile) but this way I can do my laps and NOT! Thanks for the motivation today.

  2. Such a great post, I love it! Must try that soup, yummmmmm. I often have to remind myself that exercising is not just about weight control or muscle but also an investment in my mental health. I always feel better after, more positive, less overwhelmed. Great idea to simplify. I am so proud of you!