Thursday, September 3, 2009

September Measurements

Pardon the delay in monthly results. I woke up unable to find my tape measure this morning which I now realize may have been a sign:

May 3rd Waist (at belly button): 33.5 inches
June 3rd Waist (at belly button): 33 inches
July 3rd Waist (at belly button): 32.5 inches
August 3rd Waist (at belly button): 31.75 inches
Sept 3rd Waist (at belly button): 31.5 inches
Down 1/4 an inch! Down 2 inches total!

May 3rd Hips: 39 inches
June 3rd Hips: 38 inches
July 3rd Hips: 38 inches
August 3rd Hips: 37.5 inches
Sept 3rd Hips: 37.5 inches
No Change. Down 1.5 inches total!

May 3rd Arm: 11.75 inches around
June 3rd Arm: 11.5 inches around
July 3rd Arm: 11.25 inches around
August 3rd Arm: 11 inches around
Sept 3rd Arm: 11 inches around
No Change. Down 3/4 inch total!

May 3rd Thigh: 23 inches around
June 3rd Thigh: 22.75 inches around
July 3rd Thigh: 22.5 inches around
August 3rd Thigh: 22 inches around
Sept 3rd Thigh: 22 inches around
No Change. Down 1 inch total!

I could blame my period. I could blame my overly lax weekend. I coould question everything I have eaten or even not eaten. Really though, I have only myself to blame. But I'm clinging to that quarter inch lost in my waist! No time to get down on myself. I just have to move on. Easier said than done, because in all honesty I'm a teary mess right now, but that won't help me. I'm in the last phase of getting off a life time of chub and it's just going to be really tough.


  1. Looks like to me you are doing a great job! My motto is 'moderation so there's no deprivation!' Enjoy those fav treats!!

  2. Woman, these numbers are awesome, don't beat yourself up! You're doing this in such a healthy way and you haven't gained any inches back. Don't let little slip ups slow you down.

  3. Remember your Naturally Thin mantras! You didn't gain, so don't beat yourself up - you're so inspiring and strong!

  4. Tomorrow is another day! I keep telling myself that if I do great today, I can reward myself the next day. I'm even thinking about making a point plan, a la a child's potty training chart. lol I get a point for completing each healthy task on my daily list. (walking, weights, drinking water, eating under 1300 calories, etc...) At the end of the week/ month I can choose something I've earned. I'll have to figure out points per dollar or something. I might choose to save up and take a trip.

    You are still kicking some serious butt! Are you taking regular photos of yourself? It helps to see the change. I'm going to try to start this week. I'll do the same outfit and the same pose, hopefully it will make it easier to see results. You are doing well, and we're all rooting for you!

  5. @ V2V, BAB, Alexson, and Em: Thanks y'all! I'm feeling much more positive today. I forgot to focus on the fact that I feel firmer and that is progress too!! Love y'all!

  6. Less cush in the tush really lifts a girl's spirits huh? hehe