Friday, September 11, 2009


Very busy week. Lots of personal stress. Long days at work. I can definitely feel the missing endorphins from not getting in a lot of exercise in the past few days. I've missed my sculpting this week!

Here are some of the Exercise TV workouts I have been doing to help with sculpting:

One day last week I did the condensed 40 minute version of Jillian's Trouble Zones Workout. I didn't cheat and give up-there was actually a condensed choice! (But yes, there was still swearing.) I followed up with Tamilee "Abs of Steel" Webb's Best of Tamilee 15 Minute Ab workout. Then a quick focus on my stems with adorable Nicole Stewart's 10 minute Legs: Slimmer & Toner pilates workout.

Other faves have been Less is More Pilates with Lizbeth Garcia (I've done this one several times), Nicole Stewart's Pilates Abs, and 10 minute Buns and Thigh with Cindy Whitmarsh.

What are your favorite sculpting workouts?


  1. Love the pilates... I wish I could do them right now (read...too fat right now) I totally hear you about the endorphin thing. Are you still taking the fish oil? Have you noticed a decrease in the tummy? I loved the article you posted about it.

  2. I am so jealous that we don't have on demand! This makes me want it even more. Such a plethora of good options at your fingertips, and such variety!