Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kaeng Raeng Cleanse: The Days After

I've been trying to stay aware of any effects the Kaeng Raeng cleanse had on me.

Here is what I've found.
I am interested in caffeine. I've had some decaf coffee for the taste and warmth, but I didn’t feel like I needed a boost. I also haven't been craving diet soda. I have some long tech nights coming up in the near future, so I can't say I won't dabble, but it's a great feeling not to need it right now.

The first two days after the cleanse I missed my sweets. I had been so overloaded with fruit that I had become accustomed to constant sweet boosts.

My salt addiction was broken. I really became mindful about putting too much salt on my soup and in soups and biting something too salty was just gross and didn't feel good.
I wanted the lighter feeling to keep going and have craved a raw veggie salads for lunch. I've been snacking  on daikon and cucumber and other watery veggies. I feel very satiated.

After going back to my morning breakfast cereal I realized it was making my belly bloat. I think I eat enough veggies and don't need the extra fiber, especially if I have an apple or pear for a morning snack. This morning for breakfast I ate some rolled oats with blackberries and cinnamon and a little scrambled tofu. I felt great.
I realized that I appreciated not having to think about protein grams while on the cleanse. I knew I was getting 45 grams a day minimum through the smoothies. Although it’s pretty much second nature to stay aware of my daily protein intake at this point, it was nice to have a break from that. I actually kept track over the past two days and I get more than enough protein from vegetables, tofu, beans, and homemade seitan. Do you know that a cup of cooked spinach has about 5 grams of protein in it?! Yay veggies!

I think I actually was, in fact, cleansed.

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