Monday, January 9, 2012

Kaeng Raeng Cleanse: Day One

Since my package arrived at Dayjobland over the weekend, I woke up and had some caffeine free tea, some apple, and blueberries to tide me over.

*A note to understand this story: Dayjobland is on one floor of a large building and deliveries first come to the main building mailroom, before being sent up to our floor.

8:45am Dayjobland mailroom has not seen my delivery. I'm told that most deliveries come up around 9:30am from the main building messenger center. I'm annoyed but wait a bit and eat some cucumber slices and drink peppermint tea.

10am Mailroom STILL has not seen my delivery. I head down to the building mailroom.

10:15am Main building mailroom STILL has not sorted the WEEKEND deliveries and I am told they will get to it later.

10:16am BB30's head explodes baffled at their utter laziness and inefficiency!

10:30am BB30 pouts in her cube angry with the world.

I am so bummed and frustrated that I skipped a nice solid breakfast thinking that I would get my delivery and could start my cleanse this morning. I am lunchless other than raw veggies! 

I have dinner plans with friends on Friday Jan 20, so waiting to start next Monday isn't an option. I must start it tomorrow and unfortauntely do a full weekend on it which I really wanted to avoid.

Perhaps it will be a good thing since my throat starting hurting last night and was on fire when I woke up. I suppose fruit smoothies and raw veggies wouldn't feel great on a sore throat. Hopefully a day of tea and zinc lozenges will be the key to banishing it quickly!

This has been your Cranky BB30 Broadcast. I need a sammich.

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