Thursday, June 16, 2011


My lower back/tailbone is killing me. I think I've strained muscles doing some of the lower punching moves in my various boxing classes. It's worse after class (clearly) and in the mornings. Once I hobble out of bed and pop an ibuprofen I am not in as much pain by the time I get to work. I can't bend over flat back without some major pain. Last night (in addition to having some errands that HAD to be run) I was hurting and so tired that I cancelled class. It was ridiculous how much shame and guilt I felt over not exercising. Then I felt angry at myself for feeling shame and guilt. So go the stupid games we play with our minds.

I am a firm believer in acupuncture. It is the only thing that helped my bad arm over a year ago. I need to carve out time and just go. I won't be able to exercise full out until I heal up so I must make it a priority!

Saturday will once again be full of obligations (nice ones, but busy ones nonetheless). Sunday I have to grocery shop and cook for the week. Not having time to do that last weekend has been tough. I've made do and haven't spent too much (thank goodness for a cheap-although small-salad bar at work.) The following Saturday will be a bit less obligated, but Sunday I'll have to be up early because I am working. I was tasked with coordinating my company's float for the Chicago Pride Parade. This is a big feat with lots of parts coming together (entertainment, body paint artists, the float itself, sound techs, company participants, etc). Should be cool, but oy, makes me nervous.
In other news, summer has brought one of my favorite things of all time....a little television show called So You Think You Can Dance!!!!!!!!!!! I sadly missed the first two seasons, but I have been a faithful viewer since season three! I am in love with this gal right here:

She is so darling and encompasses the beautiful, healthy, athletic body that I aspire to to have. Just watch her!
I die. So beautiful.


  1. Wow, that video is amazing (I'm a So You Think You Can Dance virgin!), beautiful dancer. I would kill to hve the flexibility of a 19 yr old.

    I hope you're going to talk more about the parade, I love parades and like Kathy grffin, love my gays!!

  2. Have you gotten Thai Body work done before? I know a great person in Lincoln Park if you are interested?