Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gardens and Grumpies

Two weekends ago, we beat a huge storm by seconds and planted our little summer garden! Later this summer Mr.BB30 and I will have three varieties of tomatoes, basil, oregano, red and green bell peppers and yellow squash.

When I saw that this tomato was called a "Celebrity" I had to have it. It was a kind of wilty at first and I contemplated naming her Amy Winehouse, but we decided that a much more appropriate name was Courtney Love as Celebrity Skin is one of my favorite karaoke songs. You'll be relieved to know that Courtney is much less wilty and in recovery.
We have two of these sweet basil plants. I foresee some amazing pesto in my future!!

When digging about we unearthed a little stone garden Buddha. Over the last couple of years there have been some perennial flowers that were finally transplanted to make more room now that we have to share our plot. Garden Buddha must have been there a while. I thought it was a symbol of good gardening to come!
Since my squash died a tragic moldy death last summer, I decided Garden Buddha should watch over my new plant this year.

I have no pictures of my bell pepper plants or oregano. I am a bad mother.

I survived my busy weekend. I am definitely suffering from residual grumpiness, but I am rallying.

Last week I ended up changing my workouts a bit. Friday I opted to enjoy my summer hours early release instead of having to deal with the hassle of traveling all the way back downtown. I had plans downtown on Saturday afternoon, so I opted to head down early and take a Saturday morning Turbo Kick class. Having a full Friday afternoon off was really helpful and I was particularly lame and was asleep by 9:45pm. MUCH NEEDED.

This week I've had another Monday event, so I have some creative scheduling to do once again:

Monday-Off-Went to a wonderful show at a friends theater.
Tuesday: Strength Boxing
Wednesday: Turbo Kick followed by a toning class
Thursday: WERQ (yay!)
Friday: Take dog child to the groomers-brotha' needs his nails did
Saturday: Zumba

I ended up with another downtown event on Saturday afternoon, so I'm going to go for the Saturday morning workout again. This time I need to go a little earlier, so my option is Zumba. I find that it really depends on the instructor for me. The right instructor makes it such a blast, but some instructors are far too cutesy for me and I end up feeling silly-I always get a good work out, but I don't feel good if I feel silly. I've not taken from the person lined up to teach on Saturday, so I'm excited to take class from a new person!

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