Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Insert Clever Title Here

On Thursday night I got to meet a couple of Chicago Bloggers and dear heart Simply Shaka who was in town. I am so grateful to anyone who reads my ramblings while trying to say on track with this whole fitness thing, so after class I sped over to catch the group! They were so kind and didn't judge my lame The Hangover jokes. Ha!
Photo stolen from Tiffany.
My week this week is very hectic and my weekend to come is very over committed. This stresses me out big time!  I had zucchini to use up so I invented a zucchini soup to eat for lunch this week. It's frosty in Dayjobland so nice warm soup is a welcome meal even in the summer!

(All of the chopping can be rough since you'll blend this.)

2 small regular zucchinis, chopped
2 Mexican zucchinis, chopped
4 cups of veggie broth
1 small vadalia onion, chopped
1/4 cup instant potato flakes
1/2 tsp Tony's seasoning
A few shakes of curry powder (optional)
salt and pepper to taste

Steam the zucchini (about 6 minutes if you're using a microwave steamer)
Chop onion and saute in a soup pot with a bit of olive oil (use your Misto to keep the calories in check)
Add zucchini, broth and seasoning to the pot and let everyone come to a nice boil
Blend with your trusty Immersion Blender or Food Processor
Add potato flakes and blend once more

This made about three hearty lunch portions.

I didn't anticipate my soup being so thin, thus the addition of the potato flakes. I would have preferred to use real potatoes, but in a pinch, potato flakes are a great thickener and made my soup a little more hearty. Without the flakes, this would be a great little starter soup for a dinner party, but for a meal, it needs a little bulk.

Monday I gussied up and attended an awards ceremony (sort of the Tony's of Chicago). A play I did was up for Best Play of the Year. (We didn't win-frown.) That meant that I couldn't get in a workout on Monday and will have to go back to back for the rest of the week again. That's not my favorite thing. Since I like to get my four workouts in on weekdays due to gym location, I much prefer to have Wednesdays off if at all possible. My office has begun summer hours and we come in earlier Mon-Thurs and get out early on Fridays. This makes scheduling difficult because if I have to go to a class on Friday night, I have to trek all the way home and all the way back again, thus ruining the point of opening up Friday afternoons for fun (and actually getting time with Mr. BB30 since for the next few Fridays he won't have a show or rehearsal-weee!) See how hard I work at all of this?! It's maddening!

The week is shaping up to look like this:

Monday: Off-Awards Ceremony
Tuesday: Strength Boxing
Wednesday: R.I.P.P.E.D (Resistance, Interval, Power, Plyometrics, and Endurance training)
Thursday: WERQ (hooray!)
Friday: Kwando Kickboxing

This line up may change if I decide to double up on Thursday so I can have my Friday afternoon free to go on a date with my hubby.


  1. Hooray, it was so great to meet you! I love zucchini so the soup sounds delish but I've never heard of Mexican zucchini before, does it look/taste the same?

  2. @Shakes

  3. Yum, the soup sounds/looks delicious!

  4. Fantastic to meet you as well. That's dedication trekking back and forth on Fridays, good for you!