Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Summer!

I really needed my long Memorial Day weekend. It was a bit bumpy emotionally and having an extra day away from the daily grind was really good for me. I was adding things to my calendar today and June is jammed with obligations and events so I am really going to have to plan well to get in workouts and carve out down time. I am simply not someone who can play hard all weekend and bounce right into the week. I need down time. If I do not get my Sunday to recharge nestled on my sofa, it really throws me off and I am unhappy and grouchy. Being aware of what I need to be productive and happy is definitely part of my healthy journey. Workouts have taken the place of rehearsals (during this unfortunately dry time acting-wise) so I do not have much time in the evenings once I get home on weekdays. I know it's all for a good reason (being fit!), but I have to put effort into balancing my time between obligations (social and others) and errands on the weekends so I can have some moments to be still.
On Monday I had such a satisfying and healthy Memorial Day Feast:
  • Raw veggies to snack on
  • Fresh grilled corn that had been soaked in-husk in a brine of sugar and salt water
  • Grilled salad: romaine, portabellos, tomatoes and vadalia onions ALL grilled (even the romaine!)
  • Whole grilled portabello mushroom caps-delightful
So fresh and delicious and guilt free! I suppose it balanced out my two Kahlua and vodkas VODKA and Kahlua's.

This week's work out line up includes:
Monday: Off
Tuesday: Strength Boxing
Wednesday: Throwback Dance & Sculpt followed by Abs & Butt Blast
Thursday: Kicklates (kick boxing + pilates)
Friday: Kwando Kick Boxing

So, I'll be boxing a lot this week. Cardio kick boxing in general (strength, kwando, tabata) has been the best overall workout I have ever gotten. It's done more for my core than pilates and I really connect to it. Strength boxing ain't no joke. Unless you're a superstar who has been doing it for a while you're encouraged to use 2lb weights. Seriously. It sounds like nothing, but it ups ante so much! Last night while I waited for class to start I overheard a girl saying she was new to this particular gym and she'd once been really active but was injured and couldn't exercise for a while. She said she would probably need to hit the elliptical after class was over to get in some more cardio. Cut to after class when I heard her say, "I wanted to cry after 20 minutes." That makes it sound horrible. It's not. It's just challenging. That's one thing I dig about the place I have been going to for the past four months, they give you a serious workout. Even the "slower" sounding classes like strength yoga and barre burn (ballet toning) really give you a thorough workout. They give you the most for your hour long class.
I am excited about the Throwback Dance & Sculpt class today. It's a new offering and will be half cardio/half toning set to 80s and 90s music. I'm excited to dance again. I haven't done much Zumba since my favorite teacher isn't teaching right now and things have come up the past several weeks and I haven't been able to stay late on the day they have the WERQ (hip hop) class. I've been missing dance and feeling a twinge of workout boredom. I'm glad to spice it up this week.  I will channel my inner Jane Fonda. Don't think this chubby 80s child didn't awkwardly attempt this video workout. My favorite part is from minute 3:50 to minute 4:13.

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