Thursday, February 24, 2011

Zumba Enigma

My Monday ended with a blissfully fun Zumba class that included one Bollywood Style routine which I LOVED. I want to take some Bollywood dance/fitness classes but the only places I can find in Chicago are super inconvenient (aka I will easily find reasons not to go). It's just such fun to dance it all out. The instructor picks great music and creates really fun routines. If Christina Aguilera is singin' I want to be dancin'!

Tuesday night the Zumba class was later with a different instructor. I knew it was going to be a guy and was interested to see how that would go. In walked a dude. A big tall manly dude (with a teddy bear face). Teddy RuxMAN was going to teach Zumba? The music started and he moved so well and so fluidly. He must have thought I wasn't enjoying myself because I kept catching glimpses of my face in the mirror and I looked so baffled. Surprisingly his routines were much cutesier than the other instructor's. I can't accurately describe what an enigma it was. This football player was in touch with his hips, dude could Zumba.

Last night I tried Yoga Sculpt. Again, thank goodness I've done some yoga before because in true form there was no instruction. There were some adjustments here and there, but it was everyone for themselves. Yoga Sculpt is just what it sounds like: Yoga with some small weights. I used only 2lb weights since I wasn't sure what I was in store for. I could have easily done 3 pounders. I was feeling wussy since my opposite arm is starting to hurt in the same way my old injury did. Get thee to acupuncture! I definitely broke a sweat and feel like I got a good workout from the class. It's the most interesting thing offered in the 5:30pm classes on Wednesdays, so I bet I'll go back.
I'm feeling motivated by all of the nice lean muscle I'm seeing during my workouts lately. I guess with Bikram the room was dim and I was so focused on form and breathing that I didn't really get to take a good look at myself. There's a long lean woman in here and she's coming out! It's exciting. With all of the shaking and such in Zumba I definitely see that I really need to do dips and curls everyday. I have some serious under arm I-was-once-chubby jiggle. Having some shoulder and tricep muscle actually makes it stand out worse! In all (ok 80%) seriousness. Does anyone have a Shakeweight? Are they effective?

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