Monday, February 21, 2011


On Friday, in my quest to reignite my exercise regimen, I attended my first kick boxing class. Not true blue, actual punching bag, kick boxing, but exercise, aerobics style kick boxing. I am very glad I had done On-Demand kick boxing in the past (oh how I miss you On-Demand Exercise TV) and TaeBo (long ago), because like the PiYo class, there was no form correction or true direction of any kind. There is no possible way there was a clear cut routine planned out. The instructor (who was ripped and could be Jillian Michael's sister) must have shot a zillion milligrams of B-Vitamin, because she burst in the room Tazmanian Devil-style and begin punching and kicking and jumping around the room (and of course, yelling). If I didn't know a little something about proper form or what terminology she was using (hook, jab, uppercut) I would have been lost (and injured). Thanks to the fact that I can pick up on choreography and learned some stuff from Jeanette Jenkins, I hung in there and did fine. I thought I would be super sore the next day, but I was surprisingly fine. Sunday I hurt.

Overall, it is astonishing to me that this place can continuously get away with no instruction on form. My guess is that the super serious clients/attendees do personal sessions there as well where they get pointers and the others don't attend frequently or just quit before they can actually injure themselves. Still, I'm shocked. In their defense (even though I haven't disclosed the name of their establishment) I have to say that my instructors for PiYo and Kick Boxing were subs and not the regular teachers. Still, train your subs! They could hurt people! I'll try the kick boxing again, because I got some serious high calorie burning cardio, but really, my heart is with Zumba.

Do you kick box?


  1. LOL. I now have the image of a ripped woman busting into the room all Tasmanian Devil style. Thats a little ridiculous, they should train their subs or whomever is going to be teaching the class. I've never done kickboxing but I did a Cardio Combat class yesterday at the local martial arts studio and it kicked my butt. I definitely want to try kickboxing sometime.

  2. kickboxing is the best aerobic exercise!