Monday, February 28, 2011

Weighing In

Friday I boarded my scale for the first time in months. I had been fearing it with the fierce December and January that I spent couped up at my day job for loooong hours with limited exercise. Luckily I think my month of fitness reboot has been successful and the numbers were excellent (about two pounds lighter than my birthday). Almost ten months of maintenance is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. It was very motivating to keep going and push further.

I went to kick boxing again and it was great. Tough, but great. The instructor gave some actual instruction on form which was awesome. I felt tough and scrappy and alive. It feels good to punch through your frustrations. I like having the variety of dance work outs, yoga and super high impact cardio all in the same week. While there are standard moves in each class, each time is different so you can be distracted with getting the different combinations down and feel less like you are working out. I love that and I love that I can get home relatively early since I am an old lady and like to go to bed early. On another note I have been getting less sleep lately due to Mr. BB30's schedule which is not good for me. He opened a play and immediately began rehearsing another so if I want to, you know, see him and stuff, I have to stay up late. Ugh. Typically I'd go to bed without him, but I had a crazy creepy nightmare last week that was so vivid I have been scared to go to sleep alone (think the girl from The Ring sitting on top of you smothering you-yep, scary!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I digress. One day I will be brave and do abs class. Oh how that scares me, but it's the only way to firm up the ol' belly (so I can fight off Samara when attacks me in my sleep)!
She's knows I have weak abs!!


  1. yeah for you! so glad you are keeping it off. its really hard to do. sorry about the nightmare....going to bed along is no fun.

  2. @Gma Kathleen, I think it's never going to be easy. I'd always hoped that one day I'd be in a place where I wouldn't have to think much about food and work outs, but for me I think I'll always have to be mindful. I guess it makes me appreciate it more!

  3. i know! i'm always thinking about food and what my next meal is going to be. (i just noticed that i misspelled--should've been alone. haha) would like to see more pictures--how much do you weigh?