Monday, March 7, 2011

My Week in Fitness

Last week I continued my fitness efforts. I’m settling in to this new fitness place and am glad that the total lack of instruction on form from my earlier classes was more or less a bit of a fluke. They have a very reasonable month-to-month rate (no year long contracts) so I think I will stick with them through April (at least).

Last week went like this:

Wednesday-Cardio Bar followed by Cardio Blast
Thursday-none-there were no classes I had any interest in on Thursdays during the time frame I need.
Friday-Kwando Kickboxing

I feel great about making it to class and trying new things. I'm seeing results in my arms, legs, and back. Yay!What’s the cardio bar class, you ask? From the fitness center’s website: “Cardio Bar Sculpting is a high energy, low impact class focused on burning fat and giving the body a more toned look. By combining body bar work and light weights, this workout focuses on toning the glutes, thighs, abs, and arms.” I hadn’t really heard of a body bar before. I saw some ladies going into a class the week before with some long cane-like poles and was intrigued. The work out was good and used some muscles I hadn’t tapped into yet. My left arm is a little sensitive (as it’s starting to show signs of pains like my righty from two years ago), but I made it through just fine. The only thing I had to take at a little bit of a modified pace was bench press, but I got in all of my reps all the same. The bar class was only 30 minutes long. It was followed by a 30 minute Cardio Blast class so I took both.

Cardio Blast was basically an interval training cardio class. High intensity. We did some cardio moves as a group then were given three exercises (burpees, mountain climbers, and full standard sit ups) and told we had five minutes to do 20 reps of each as many times as we could.
Mountain Climber
Following our first set of burpee/mountain/climber/sit-ups we did runs down the room. About 6 of us would line up and head down the room doing various walking lunges, frog jumps, and such. It was like football drills, but not in an intimidating way at all. we finished with another round of reps and a cool down. I felt like I truly got a full body work out.

This week's line up is:
Monday-Club Cardio Dance (It's new and and I'm soooo excited)
Tuesday-off (I have an appointment and Mr. BB30 has the night of rehearsal! Date!)
Wednesday-Cardio Bar and Cardio Sculpt
Thursday-WERQ (dance fitness-the schedule changed and I'm excited to try this one-it's hip hop!)
Friday-Kwando Kickboxing

Watch out y'all. Soon I'll be able to dance-kick your face off!

What have you been doing fitness wise lately?

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